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Time Limits



400 SR-3 target


600 MR-1 target




Australian High Power Rifle

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                                           - VMC  - Vintage Service Match Course (40 shot match)
                                           - TMC  - Tactical Match Course (20 Shot match)
                                           - AMC  - Australian Service Match Course (60 shot match)
                                           - HTMC - Hard-Core Tactical Match Course
3PRB - MSD Match Course (50 shot match)
                                           - TBM  - Team Battle Match (120 shots per team)

Tactical Match Course
Slow Fire & Snap Fire"



Type of Fire



Prone (Supported)


Slow Fire Sighters

400 or

SR-3 or

Prone (Supported)


Slow Fire (Deliberate) – 3min.
Then, 30-60sec later…

400 or

SR-3 or

Prone (Supported


Snap Fire - 5x 6sec exposures with 5-30 sec between

400 or

SR-3 or

This course is an open spec course, meaning any rifle can compete, and all compete together.  The use of a front rest or bi-pod is permitted.  NO artificial rear rest is allowed.

MUZZLE BRAKES ARE PERMITTED, with care and responsibility by ALL shooters to ensure safety, such as proximity to muzzle blast, etc.

Course of fire.

The match begins with a 3 minute preparation period.  During this time, the shooters may handle the rifle, remove the ECI, insert the bolt and dry fire, make adjustments, etc.  Unless during prep time or during the match, the ECI must be inserted in the rifle.

    -          Distances shot for this course may change at the discretion of host club.
    -          The target used at a distance is that designed for the distance being shot.
    -          Prone, supported (front rest only).  Rest must comprise of bipod or a “field” style
               rest (sleeping bag, sand bag, etc). No special shooting rests (such as a
               benchrest pedestal) allowed.
    -          No marking of shots during or between match phases.

BEFORE START:     Place 15 rounds on the firing line.
                               All other ammo must be at least 5m behind you, either stacked,
                               boxed, in stripper clips, in magazine, etc.

Sighting       Total of 5 Rounds        SLOW
    -          5 non convertible sighters - 5 minute time limit,
    -          Single round loading only (for sighter period),
    -          Each shot is individually marked/spotted.

Phase 1       DELIBERATE – total 10 rounds
    -          Start from the standing position, holding an unloaded rifle,
    -          When target appears, adopt the firing position, load and engage the target,
    -          10 shots to count, Deliberate, in a time limit of 3 minutes (targets remain up),
    -          Single round or magazine loading,

As soon as shooter has completed firing the deliberate phase and prior to snap phase, with the rifle remaining on the ground, action open, pointing up range, the shooter may break out of position and retrieve the remaining required rounds from bundle behind the firing line, and load before next phase.

Phase 2 commences between 30 seconds to 1 minute after Phase 1, from targets down.  Between phases 1 & 2, pits must check targets for excessive hits.  Any targets with excessive hits must be relayed back to the RO after match is complete but prior to the groups and scores period.

Phase 2       SNAP – all remaining rounds.
    -          10 shots to count,
    -          5x target exposures, each of x seconds, 5 to 30 seconds between exposures.
                      (Note: x exposures – 300-400m = 6sec,  500 & 800m = 8sec),
    -          Single round or magazine loading,
    -          NO marking of shots between snap exposures.

Targets are marked and scored for 20 shots at the end of Phase 2.

Firers view to shooters is given and scores are relayed to firing line and recorded.


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