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Australian High Power Rifle

Event & Competition Guidelines



The GT and GP Championships are series are based on the aggregate of your best 3 Course results as required each years GP Series from any, or all, of the events listed as AIHPA sanctioned on the official AIHPA annual calendar.

The best 3 scores from any of the events means competitors may shoot as many of the scheduled events possible, and only the best 3 scores count - the more events you complete in, the more results to select your best 3 from.  This series may run for all rifle specs, but specific details should be confirmed for each annual GP series.

Shooters may participate in the series for all rifle specifications.  It remains competitor responsibility to ensure attendance, and qualification, criteria to the series is met.

Rules:               - This event is shot in accordance with AIHPA rules.

Location:           - This series is based on all sanctioned Group A, B, C & D matches anywhere in Australia.

Timings:            - This series runs over a calendar year.

Event Status:     Group F (refer to status table under chapter “Competition Guidelines”).

Match Series:    A GP Series may exist each year for various courses.  The core GP series is based on the IMC, but other GP series may be
run for other courses of fire, such as the TMC, AMC, etc.

Classification:    - Open Event

- AIHPA members only eligible for Titles and any Outright or Classified trophies, unless otherwise specified for the GP series.

- Non AIHPA members may be eligible to claim rewards from events where the results were used
             towards this series when in entry compliance with that event.

Rifle Specs:       - All specifications accepted (1, 2, 3 & 5).

                        - “Any Rifle” may be eligible to compete at the discretion of the hosts/organisers.

Entry:               - An entry fee per competitor or match may be charged.

Awards:            - Titles and Trophies by rifle spec/s per advert for the series.

                        - Only AIHPA members are eligible for Title and classified trophies.

- Non-AIHPA members will not be eligible to shoot for the title or classified  trophies, if any, but can shoot for outright trophies if the additional temporary membership fee was paid.

General Information

Although this is a “Open” event, and every licensed shooter is encouraged to participate, the option to join AIHPA on the day, and compete with full entitlements is encouraged.

This event may be run in conjunction with another event, of any type, and interested entrants are encouraged to source a flyer for the event and check all relevant information, such as matches, range details, required equipment, entry fees etc.

Changes:          Organisers reserve the right to change the event or schedule without notice.