Keep’em in the X”




TEL/FAX: 02 9498 2496

e-mail: rifle@ aihpa .com


(SSAA & NRA Affiliated)


TAMWORTH 13-15th MAY 2005





* * * Non AIHPA members (SSAA, ASRA, NRA and other) and NEW shooters WELCOME * * *

 * * Every competitor receives an event patch * *


Introduction: This is the second running of the Australian High Power National Championships for rifle, and we want YOU to “keep’em in the X”.  This International course is in line with the course of fire run in all the big shooting countries around the world – such as USA, UK, Canada etc.  It has come to your door step and the competition will be fantastic.  Every Service or Match rifle enthusiast should not miss this event.



* * HIGH POWER RIFLE:  “National Match Course” as follows......


Day Outline:  This event is shot on a range with a butts target system.  Shooters will be broken up into details.  During matches, one detail will be shooting while another will be scoring.  Remaining details will be operating the butts and targets plus spotting shots and assisting where ever possible.  We need everybody to please “do their bit”.


Rifle Specification/Classes:  Note:  ALL rifles, of any spec, must have an operating magazine. Rifles are forwards compatible, i.e. Spec 1 can be used in Spec 3 etc.

Spec 1:  Service - Standard Iron - Any issued iron sights service rifle in original condition – zero modifications.

Spec 2:  Service - Modified Iron - As above, or faithful reproduction, modified beyond spec - service calibre.

Spec 3:  Match - Match Iron - Any commercial, custom or service rifle, of any calibre, with iron sights.

Spec 5: Service/Match – As per Specs 1, 2, or 3 but fitted with optical sights.

Note: No cross entering – unless spaces permit....


SUNDAY Schedule                   Ammo: 58 match rounds per class plus 10 or so warm up rounds.

7.30am:            Arrive and sign on for matches.

8.00am:            Scrutineering, Briefing and handing in of “current” classification/grade cards.

8.30am:            Warm Up, 5 min @ distance selected on the day - (supports allowed).


Event Outline:  National Match Course” as follows:

STRING 1          200m  Slow Fire Application,       Standing U/S     (2 sighters + 10 rounds)              10min,

STRING 2          200m  Rapid Fire,                      Sitting U/S         (2 sighters + 10 rounds)              60sec,

STRING 3          300m  Rapid Fire,                      Prone U/S          (2 sighters + 10 rounds)              70sec,

STRING 4          600m  Slow Fire Application,       Prone U/S         (2 sighters + 20 rounds)              20min.


Trophies:         National Match Course day aggregate by rifle specifications (un-graded)

                        - Spec 1 – Top 6 (Service Std/As-Issued),            - Spec 2/3 – Top 3 (Service Modified/Match)

                        - Spec 5 – Top 3 (Any Optical)

* * * Note:  Your scores from this event may go towards International Postal competition * * *


Cost: $20 for this event (FREE to those staying over from Clubs Challenge).

Fee includes basic sausage sizzle BBQ lunch.  Just up show up for the day!

Primitive camping on range (come self sufficient). Plenty of local motels (self to organise).


Further Information: Peter Barnier (Tamworth President)  AH) 02 6765 9758
Aubrey Sonnenberg (AIHPA Vice Pres) AH) 02 9498 2496,  e-mail:  info@ aihpa .com


* * * Note:  Organisers reserve the right to change the event or schedule without notice * * *

Special Note:  This event is open to ANY shooter who holds a shooters licence.  None AIHPA members do not have scores go towards international registered qualification or classification.  Shooters may join on the association on the day.