2007 SYDNEY CUP - Review
hosted by, SSAA Sydney Branch


The tradition continued...

The Sydney Cup has been run for 2007 under some terribly windy conditions, but that didn't stop 38 shooters from showing up to brave the elements.  With a tradition to rival the best service shoots in the country, the Sydney Cup is certainly one of the most prestigious service rifle events.  This service rifle meet basis itself on course of fire, not the type of rifle a shooter freely chooses to use.  It caters for everybody.

We must thank those who made the event possible.  David Waters, the Event Director, and the ED since the inception of the SC, put together another sensational meet.  Peter Cuddy, Sydney Branch Secretary and Treasurer, secured the range, and assisted the meet on the day.  Craig Mahoney, Chris Baynes, Aubrey Sonnenberg, Matt Avard, Josh Coughran helped with range and pit duties.  Last, and certainly not least, Grant Bayley, the new RANRRC Captain, again helped out where ever he and his club could by providing accommodation for the weary travellers, allowed us to use their frames, fantastic range preparations and range presentation, and overflow of equipment when needed.  Of course, we need to thank every shooter who showed up and enjoyed the festivities – 90rounds across the course of the day by each shooter.  Well done to all.

Saturday had a club shoot held by RANRRC which all shooters were invited to attend, as it was a good opportunity to zero rifles and get some practice in for the competitive Sunday event.

First thing Sunday morning, with a temp of around 6deg, and the wind light, the ANZAC range was looking wonderful.  As is usually the case, at ANZAC, one can’t speak too soon.  By 8.30am, the wind was howling, and the wind chill factor kept the temps down all day.  It was very uncomfortable shooting weather unless one was kited with arctic gear on.  But the conditions were shared by all the shooters, so the scene was set for the best of the best to shine.

38 shooters mustered on the assembly line for welcoming, briefing on the course, safety and event particulars.  It was a disappointing turn out in general, with over a dozen of our “regulars” away, but it was refreshing to see so many new faces at the meet - including a fantastic bloke all the way out from England (The Sydney Cup goes international!).

Australian 3P-Core and Rapid B Results
Kicking off the event was the traditional Sydney Cup SSAA Service Rifle 3P-Core, shot on a walkdown principle, shooting across the course in one innings thanks to the pit marking by competitors from other details.  Shooters then checked their targets and scores before continuing on with the 100m Rapid Fire B course.  Both the 3P-Core and Rapid B are courses that are always popular, and favourites of many.  This tradition should continue for a long time.

Craig Mahoney showed that his old faithful standard Mauser is capable of shooting it up with the best of rifles, after he shot a sensational 243.26 in terrible conditions.  This is the same person who used any ammo he had “laying around” as he was too busy to load before the meet.

The remarkable story of the meet was the incredible results shot by 2 female juniors.  Danielle and Toni-Ann, who have not shot in 7 months, strung together results that not only headed the shooter aggregate list, but bagged trophies outright.  Well done girls – please keep it up.

Champions:     Spec 1   - Standard Vintage Service Rifle:     Craig Mahoney 243.26/250
                        Spec 2   - Modified Service Rifle:                   Rick Gleeson    241.26/250
                        Spec 3   - Match Rifle (Iron Sights):               David Waters    247.33/250
                        Spec 5   - Match Rifle (Optical Sights):       Aubrey Sonnenberg 244.37/250
                        Open Spec – Top Junior Shooter                   Toni-Ann Waldron 228.16/250

Lunch followed the 3PRB thanks to the volunteers of John Waters, Dick Bennett and Norm Parker.  For a change, and to make it easier to those late from pit duties, we decided on hot dogs - supplied free to competitors.  The crew were hungry with the good work performed in the pits, and on the line.  After half an hour of eating and socialising, not to mention the same old complaints of what we “could” have done to improve our scores, we moved to the 200 mark to complete the day – the Sydney Cup.

International Vintage Match Course Results
These strings sort the men from the boys…

Start with 5 sighters, then shoot 10 shots application from prone.  Then shoot 10 shots rapid fire prone, followed by 10 shots rapid fire sitting.  All shot at 200.  It should be possible to clean these strings, but the likely hood of doing so only comes with a lot of practice – and luck with the ANZAC range variables (wind).

This match course was the first for many Sydney shooters, but was very much enjoyed by all, and well managed by those who ran it.  Taking only 2 hours to comfortably put 4 details through the course makes it a sensational close to an otherwise busy day – leave more time for a drink, snack and for some to sit around the drum fire afterwards…

Champions:     Spec 1   - Standard Vintage Service Rifle:   Craig Mahoney       285.09/300
                        Spec 2   - Modified Service Rifle:                John Fabian             264.02/300
                        Spec 3   - Match Rifle (Iron Sights):            David Waters           291.09/300
                        Spec 5   - Match Rifle (Optical Sights):       Aubrey Sonnenberg 294.10/300
                        Open Spec – Top Junior Shooter                  Danielle Robinson   271.05/300

Aggregate of the Australian and International courses of fire.
Champions:     Spec 1   - Standard Vintage Service Rifle:   Craig Mahoney       528.35/550
                        Spec 2   - Modified Service Rifle:                Rick Gleeson           498.29/550
                        Spec 3   - Match Rifle (Iron Sights):            David Waters           538.42/550
                        Spec 5   - Match Rifle (Optical Sights):       Aubrey Sonnenberg 538.47/550
                        Open Spec – Top Junior Shooter                  Danielle Robinson   492.25/550

Overall, the shoot was another great success, and the tradition should live on.  With so many new shooters, and hopefully many of our regulars coming back, the future of shooting service in Sydney looks good.  Hopefully, members will spread the word to their friends, and the numbers will make the traditional Sydney Cup a legend.  Roll on 2008…

Oh, and like the past couple of years, “young” Dick Bennett won the lucky door prize...

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