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Introduction: This is the 4th running of the Sydney HP Service Open that we hope will continue to grow and rival the largest Sydney MSD event, the Sydney Cup.  This International course is the largest across the course event in the world for both the service and match rifle shooter.  Every rifle enthusiast should not miss this event – something for everybody.

Note the rifle stand rest...

The Sydney Open has been successfully run, but not without everything but the kitchen sink thrown to disrupt it.  The shooters showed up to a long standing title event, but so did the weather.  We had very windy conditions, morning rain delays, and target stability problems, then poor light for most of the afternoon, but the event still ran well within schedule.  Credit must go to all the volunteers and the greater SSAA Sydney Centrefire Rifle group.  Special Mention to John Waters who continues to volunteer his time to keep all shooters hungry tummies satisfied.


The International Match Course, shot over 200, 300 and 400 in multiple positions and firing methods, was well contested across all the 4 rifle specifications and 2 sub-specifications, which is exactly what AIHPA hoped to happen with the recent changes to the Spec 2 rule.  Noticeably, the optical sight rifle class looks very healthy, which may be a sign of things to come, and a credit to AIHPA and the SSAA for recognising and fostering this very important category.


With a later than expected finish, the wash up or the 2008 Sydney Open IMC Championships was as follows:


Spec 1 (Standard Service)                    1st Kevin Gill, 2nd Kim Ellis, 3rd Dick Bennett

Sub 1a (Commonwealth Service)          1st Frank Gasparini, 2nd Steve Inskip, 3rd Richard Ruppas

Spec 2 (Sporter/Mod Service)              1st Craig Mahoney, 2nd John Fabian, 3rd Geoff Fannin

Spec 3 (Match Open)                           1st David Waters, 2nd Peter Male, 3rd Craig Cousins

Spec 5 (Optical Open)                         1st Graham Smith, 2nd Mark Guest, 3rd Matt Avard

Sub-Spec 5a (Optical Sporter) 1st Mark Guest, 2nd Joy Cujic, 3rd Derek Asirvadem


The TMC was well contested, again, in trying conditions, and was, as is always the case, a lot of fun.  Aubrey Sonnenberg shot a possible with a very good group pipping our State Champion Matt Avard by 1 point.  The last few details did it tough in very low light, but there were now complaints as it was all shot in the correct spirit – tactics...


1st Aubrey Sonnenberg

2nd Matt Avard

3rd Ned Gligich


We hope all shooters, and more, will support the Sydney Cup coming next...first Sunday in July.




7.30am sign on.  Please ensure you sign in at the SSAA range office prior to entering range & handling firearms.



Day Outline:  This event is shot on a range with a pits target system.  Shooters will be broken up into details.  During matches, one detail will be shooting while another will be scoring.  Remaining details will be operating the targets in the pits and targets plus spotting shots and assisting where ever possible.  Everybody will be required to “do their bit”.

Rifle Specification/Classes:  Note:  ALL rifles, of any spec, must have an operating magazine. Rifles are forwards compatible, i.e. Spec 1 can be used in Spec 3 etc.  This discipline has something for everybody.

Spec 1:  Service - Standard - Any issued iron sights service rifle in original condition – zero modifications.

Spec 2:  Service/Sporter - Modified service rifle, or sporter rifle fitted with iron sights.

Spec 3:  Match - Any commercial, custom or service rifle, of any calibre, with iron sights.

Spec 5:  Service/Match – As per Specs 1, 2, or 3 but fitted with optical sights.



Note – order matches to be shot may not be decided until the meet day – pending other range bookings.


RESULTS MATCH          - INTL MATCH COURSE (IMC) SYDNEY OPEN – for all rifle specs (per medal allocations):

            200m  Slow Fire Application,       Standing U/S     2 sighters + 10 rounds                12min  

            200m  Rapid Fire,                      Sitting U/S         2 sighters + 10 rounds                60sec,

            300m  Rapid Fire,                      Prone U/S          2 sighters + 10 rounds                70sec,

            400m  Slow Fire Application,       Prone U/S         2 sighters + 20 rounds                22min.


RESULTS MATCH          - TACTICAL (TMC) SYDNEY OPEN - 400 – “ANY Rifle” (any sight) (bi-pod or front rest etc only)

Warm Up          5 shots in 5 minutes.                   Entire match shot on SR-1 target.

                        - Deliberate, 10 rounds in 6minutes (no marking), then directly into next string,

                        - Double Snap, 5x 8 second exposures, 2 shots per exposure – 10rnds total

Trophies:         - TMC (all rifles combined) Open Spec – Top 3.


                        - IMC by rifle specifications

                                    - Spec 1 – Top 6 (Service Std/As-Issued),            - Spec 1a - Top

            - Spec 2/3 – Top 3 (Service Modified/Match)         - Spec 5 – Top 3 (Any Optical)                - Spec 5a – Top.


Cost: $25 for this event – includes free basic BBQ lunch.

Just up show up for the day!


Accommodation available on the range for a small fee.  Call for details.

Make a weekend of it.  All welcome.  Feel free to join in on a local club shoot Saturday.  Shoot courses of fire vary, an are fun for all who participate.  Be at the service range by 11.30am and ask for an SSAA affiliated club.  Call closer to weekend for some specific details.  Great warm-up and practice opportunity.


Further Information: Aubrey Sonnenberg (Host Director)   AH) 02 9498 2496   M)0414 915 467
e-mail:  rifle@ aihpa .com


* * * Note:  Organisers reserve the right to change the event or schedule without notice * * *
Web Site for extra info, rules, range maps etc.


Special Note:  This event is open to ANY shooter who holds a shooters licence.  Non AIHPA members do not have scores go towards international registered qualification or classification.  Shooters may join on the association on the day.