15-16-17 MAY 2009
* * * All licensed shooters welcome to attend * * *


BRING - Spotting Scope (for marked shots), Shooting MAT, Eye/Ear protection, and all other needs.

Overview:  Shooters may enter up to 2 rifle spec classes over the 2x IMC matches – 1 rifle spec per day only for IMC. Shooter chooses which day they will shoot their elected rifle spec.  Shooting the same spec over 2 days will have the 2nd result count towards the next highest spec (forwards compatible).




Tamworth was the place to be last weekend (15-16-17 May) for the AIHPA National Matches where all 4 courses were run, and very successfully so, with the best shooters in Australian attending.  As the old saying goes, if you were there, then you missed out.


Many attended the Thursday practice.  This was found to be very beneficial for those needing to get on target as the weekend that was to come proved to be difficult.  It was a relaxing afternoon, and something more shooters should try to attend.  Perhaps next year, given it is the Nationals after all, Thursday should be flagged a full day?


A perfect Friday morning saw the start of the matches.  Vintage Match Course (VMC), all fired at 200m in 3 positions, was first up.  It was heavily contested by Spec 1 rifles, the way it should be.  We are making changes for this match in 2010, so it will be considered a Vintage match for Vintage rifles…but more on this later.


Next match on Friday was the International Match Course (IMC), fired at 200, 300 & 600.  By the start of this match, the wind was up, and so was the enthusiasm of the shooters.  Some very good scores were posted, with special mention to Andrew Brown, who shot a new National Spec 5 (optical) Record of 489/500.


The AIPHA AGM took place at the close of business, which was positive and showcased strong support for AIHPA and its objectives for the future.


Saturday was the 2nd IMC and the Tactical.  Before the first shot was fired, the wind was incredibly strong, and very switch.  The scores shot this day certainly reflected the conditions, however there were still some very respectable strings shot.


A crowd favourite, the Tactical Match Course, was the last match of Saturday.  It was shot in conditions that tested the best shooters and equipment.  Those who fronted for this match only were hit by the conditions the hardest.


Sunday was the Australian Match Course, Service style on the angry man targets.  It was a glorious day, with the wind down, and shorts and t-shirts were in order.  The conditions were still a little tricky, but the scores shot on the day hardly reflected it – many shooters powered on to post some very respectable scores.


Overall the weekend was a great success.  The range was great, the equipment ran well, the event ran well, and the hosts, who made a healthy profit which goes back into the range, did a great job also.  Special mention to all the competitors who are really learning the procedural art of preparation and execution – this is what being a “shooter” is all about.  Everybody, and every shooter, did a great job getting through the courses, with an early finish every day.   Well done all.


Oh, many thanks to Willy, of the Abraham Lincoln Motel, who gave the ONLY sporting group he allows in his motel, the shooters, a great nightly rate and a free healthy breakfast Sunday morning.  This hospitality is on offer for every shoot in Tamworth.  Keep Willy’s number for all future needs, and spread the word.


Champions for 2009:

- Vintage MC National Title Holders.

            - Spec 1           Andrew Brown

            - Spec 2           David Waters

            - Spec 3           Chris Baynes

            - Spec 5           Ross Taylor


- International MC National Title Holders.

            - Spec 1           Peter Brown

            - Spec 2           David Waters

            - Spec 3           David Waters

            - Spec 5           Andrew Brown

            - Spec 5a         Norm Baynes


- Tactical MC National Title Holders.

            - Spec Open    Matt Avard


- Australian MC National Title Holders.

            - Spec 1           Kim Ellis

            - Spec 2           Peter Barnier

            - Spec 3           Chris Baynes

            - Spec 5           Graham Smith


- Australian Masters.

            - Spec 1           Craig Mahoney

            - Spec 2           David Waters

            - Spec 3           David Waters

            - Spec 5           Andrew Brown

            - Spec 5a         Norm Baynes


Congratulations to these 2009 champions.


But wait, that is not all.  All the results from these National Matches count towards the annual Grand Tour (GT) series for 2009.  If you missed the Nationals, there are plenty more meets to attend this year – it is not too late to join.



FRIDAY                  7.30am ARRIVAL AND SIGN-ON.


String 1            200,     Slow Fire         - 5 sighters then 10 shots, Prone, on NRA SR target – 15min.

String 2            200,     Rapid               - 10 shots, 70 seconds Prone from standing, SR target. +10sec Int

String 3            200,     Rapid               - 10 shots 70 seconds, Sitting or Kneeling, SR target. +10sec Int

String 4            200,     Deliberate         - 10 shots, Standing Off Hand, on NRA SR target – 10min.


MATCH 2a - IMC SERVICE NATIONALS (first rifle spec – same as Match 1)    - RESULTS

String 1            200,     Deliberate         - 2 sighters then 10 shots, Standing Off Hand, on NRA SR target – 12min.

String 2            200,     Rapid               - 2 sighters, 10 shots 60 seconds, Sitting or Kneeling, SR target. +10sec Int

String 3            300,     Rapid               - 2 sighters then 10 shots 70 sec, Prone.(Scoped Internal mags-10sec extra)

String 4            600,     Deliberate         - 2 sighters then 20 shots, Prone, NRA MR-1 target – 22min



MATCH 2b - IMC SERV NATIONALS (2nd rifle spec choice)     - RESULTS


MATCH 3 – AUSTRALIAN MASTERS. Agg of string 1, 3 & first 10 shots of string 4 from Match 2. - RESULTS


MATCH 4   - TACTICAL NATIONALS – 600m “ANY Rifle” (any sight) (bi-pod or front rest etc only) - RESULTS

Warm Up         5 shots in 5 minutes.                  Entire match shot on MR-1 target at 600.

                        - Deliberate, 10 rounds in 6minutes (no marking), then directly into next string,

                        - Snap, 5x 6 second exposures – 10rnds total

SUNDAY             7.30am ARRIVAL AND SIGN-ON.


300m Slow Fire,           Prone U/S         2 sighters + 10 rounds              9min,                4x4 Fig 12

            300m  Rapid Fire,        Prone U/S         10 rounds                                 30-30-30sec,   4x4 Fig 12

            300m  Snap Fire,          Prone U/S        10 rounds                                 3sec per exp,    4x4 Fig 12

            200m  Rapid Fire,        Sitting U/S         2 sighters + 10 rounds              30-30-30sec,   Fig 11

            200m  Snap Fire,          Sitting U/S        2 sighters + 10 rounds              3sec per shot,   Fig 12

            100m  Snap Fire,          Standing U/S    2 sighters + 10 rounds              3sec per shot,   Fig 12


Teams:    Tamworth            Sydney
             Peter Barnier      Graham Smith

             John Barnier        David Waters

             Sam Barnier        Chris Baynes

             Ross Taylor           Kim Ellis



Spec 1 Std Srv

Spec 1a Std

Spec 2 Mod

Spec 3 Match

Spec 5 Optic

Spec 5a Sport

Open Spec

Match 1

Top 3







Match 2

Top 6


Top 6

Top 6

Top 6



Match 3








Match 4







Top 3

Match 5

Top 3


Top 3

Top 3

Top 3




Cost:   $25 per day or $50 for entire weekend.

Non AIHPA members pay $5 event pass to be eligible to titles, or may join on the day.

Covers range fee’s, light dinner Friday, BBQ lunch Sunday and trophies. Just show up each day.

There is NO lunch severed Fri or Sat – BYO.

Accommodation: - If not camping, plenty of Motels 20min from range (Tamworth) – self to organise.

 Suggest: Abraham Lincoln Motel. 343 Armidale Road, Tel: 02 6766 1233 email:

Extra info, Peter Barnier (Event Director) AH) 02 6765 9758

for CoF details, David Waters   AH) 02 4739 6422      e-mail:  rifle @

For all rules, instructions, info, maps, go to

NOTES:  All matches shot in accordance with relevant rulebooks.

* * * Organisers reserve the right to change the event and/or schedule without notice. * * *