SUNDAY, 5 JULY 2009



MALABAR ANZAC Range  (entry from Franklin St)




(entry from Franklin St)


* Trophies *      * Competitor Patch *      * Snack *      * Rifle Postal *




This event builds more and more tradition every year.  It has a few years under the belt, and is considered by many shooters as a fantastic meet to enjoy some fundamental rifle shooting, no matter the rifle type.  Come along, and see what all the fuss is about.


Rifle Classes:
          - Service As Issued Iron Sights (class A, B, C – Spec 1 & 1a)
            - Service Origin – Modified Iron Sights (class H – Spec 2).
            - Open (sporter/match) Iron Sights (Spec 3)
            - Scoped Rifle (sporter/match) Optical Sights (F/G/J/T/Match – Spec 5 & 5a)



7.30am:            Arrive and sign on for matches.

8.00am:            Scrutineering, Briefing and handing in of “current” grade cards.  Un-Graded shooters welcome.

8.30am:            Pits seal.  Matches begin.


Course Outline:

Phase 1    3PRB    warm up, 5 shots at 300.    3PRB RESULTS...

             String 1 – 3 POSITION CORE EVENT (30 rounds) – walk up.

           String 2 – RAPID FIRE B (2x10 rnds prone) Start with actions open.

** Unfired rounds or late fired shot penalties apply for Std Issue rifles**

            Note String 1 & 2 are shot back to back.  At completion of string 2, detail shooting will go direct to pits.


Phase 2    VMC    5 sighting shots at 200.    VMC RESULTS...

                String 3SLOW FIRE - PRONE (10 rnds) @ 200.

             String 4RAPID FIRE - PRONE (10 rnds) @ 200 70seconds.

             String 5RAPID FIRE - SITTING (10 rnds) @ 200 70 seconds.

             String 6SLOW FIRE - STANDING (10 rnds) @ 200.






-  Day Agg - Spec 1 (Class A/B/C Std Rifle) Winners, R/Up, 3rd place grades A-C.

-  Day Agg - Top Guns trophies for Spec 1 (A/B/C Standard rifle) outright 1st – 3rd.

-  Day Agg - Top 3 for Spec 2 & 3 (Class H/Open Rifle (Iron)) & Spec 5 (Optical/Sniper Rifle (F1/F2/G/J/T shoot combined)).

-  3P score for class A/B/C may be submitted for National Postal – unless otherwise asked not to


Costs:   $25 for whole day. Free snack. Soft Drinks $1


On range accommodation with on-site amenities etc available.

Plenty of motels - self to organise. Range is local to a variety of shops, eateries and RSL Club.


Make a weekend of it.  All welcome.  Feel free to join in on a local club shoot Saturday.  Shoot courses of fire vary, and are fun for all who participate.  Be at the service range by 11.30am and ask for an SSAA affiliated club.  Call closer to weekend for some specific details.  Great warm-up and practice opportunity.


Extra info - Craig Mahoney (Host Director)     m) 0419 103 076
e-mail:  sydney @


NOTES:  Event shot in accordance with National rules, Sydney range safety orders, amendments and guidelines.* * Organisers reserve the right to change the event or schedule without notice * * *
NOTE:  This is a full day of shooting.  7.30am sharp roll up, and is always a late finish (5pm).  Please come prepared.



Event Notes



Range Safety Notice

All competitors must use empty chamber indicators (ECI’s)
(Available for $3.00 on the day)


1)         Safety first, last and always.
2)         Eye and ear protection is mandatory when on the firing line and in the target pits.

3)         Bolts are to be removed from rifles when not on the firing line. (Local range rule).    

4)         Competitors to secure their firearm/s (in direct possession or locked in vehicle etc), when not on the firing line.
5)         Empty chamber indicators are mandatory. (Available for $3 on the day)

6)         Rapid Fire B – Actions will remain open whilst the rifle is placed on the ground. (Local range rule)

7)         Bolts must only be closed when rifle is pointing at the stop butts. (Local range rule).
8)         Sanctioned GP Matches – 3P & RFB (in accordance with SSAA CSD National Rule Book, and local range rules)

9)         No optical aids, e.g. spotting scopes are permitted during GP Matches. (CSD Rules)

10)        Each detail will complete Phase 1 (Walk up) and go straight to pits. (50 + 5 rounds required at the firing line)

11)        The same rifle must be used for all phases, subject to Event Director or Disputes Committee authorization.