1st NOVEMBER 2010

At the MALABAR (Franklin St) ANZAC Range

* Trophies *               * BBQ Lunch *          *  National MSR Postal  *


Day Outline: This event will consist of the Australian MSD National Match, and the International XC Match.

It will be shot on a range with a butts target system.  Shooters will be broken up into details.  During matches, one detail will shoot, while another detail will score in butts and other details make ready.

Please ensure you sign in on the SSAA range register prior to handling firearms.

Rifle Classes:
          - Military/Service As Issued                 (class A/B/C/Spec 1) - Iron Sights
          - Military/Service Origin - Modified     (class H/Spec 2) - Iron Sights
          - Open Match Rifle                              (Open/Spec 3)-Iron Sights (commercial actions)
          - Optical Rifle – Std, Mod, Match       (classes F1/F2/G/J/T/Open/Spec 5)-Scope Sights

                                    - or ANY other type of rifle you may wish to join in with......

Bring your Shooting Mat, Grade Card/s, Eye & Ear protection, Shooters Licence, Spotting Scope/Bino’s

SUNDAY  7.00am Arrival and sign on.  Go direct to the 300m mound on service range.

Scrutineering, Briefing and handing in of grade cards.  Un-Graded shooters welcome (shoot open).

8.00am:       Warm Up – 5 shots in 3 min @ 300m (supports allowed).

PHASE 1 –         3POSITION CORE EVENT MATCH  (30 rounds)

                                    - 300m 5x rounds Prone in 1min

                                    - 200m 5x rounds prone, 5x Sitting or Kneeling (10 total) in 2min

                                    - 100m 5x rounds prone, 5x Sitting or Kneeling, 5x standing (15 total) in 4min

Note:   - This match will start at 300m and walk down.

            - Results from this 3P, shot with a Std-Issue iron sight rifles, go towards the National Postal Shoot.

            - No cross class entering for this match.

Rewards:          - Proficiency awards if applicable.

                        - Maintain grades (needed for registered matches).


* * * NO LUNCH BREAK * * *



                        - 300m Application       2 sighters and 20 shots Prone, 22min total (MR-63)

                        - 300m Rapid Fire        2 sighters, then 10 shots Prone (from standing), 70sec (SR-3)

                        - 200m Rapid Fire        2 sighters, then 10 shots Sitting/Kneeling (from standing), 60sec (SR)

                        - 100m Application       2 sighters and 10 shots Standing/Off Hand, 12 min total (SR-1).

Note:    - This match will start at 200m and retreat back to 400.  Each phase will not be shot back to back.

            - All classes shoot together but compete per trophy allocations.

Rewards:          - Grading/Classification maintenance.

                        - Qualification system - earn next Qualification attainment...

Match Trophies:         SYDNEY CLASH OF MATCHES  - Agg of 3P & IMC

            Spec 1 (A/B/C) Std Iron Rifle - Top 6 Outright.            Spec2 Mod/Sporter – Top 3 Outright.

Spec 3 Match – Top 3             Spec 5 Optical – Top 3 Outright.


Cost:  $25 for whole day.  BYO Food and Drinks.


Extra info on the event, call event co David Waters   AH) 02 4739 6422   M)0419 103 076,
e-mail:  sydney @

* * * Note:  Organisers reserve the right to change the event or schedule without notice * * *