3-4-5 NOVEMBER 2017

* * * All licensed shooters welcome to attend * * *




ELECTRONIC TARGETS:  All other matches at the National Matches will be shot ET’s.  This means, no competitor marking of targets…BRILLIANT!

EVERY shooter must have THEIR OWN computing device that is capable of WiFi and has an internet browser – such as a laptop, smartphone or tablet,e tc.  Suggestion is to have the largest screen possible to get the full experience on offer from the ET’s.  Ensure the device is bright enough for screen to be seen outside in daylight (test in advance).  Every person MUST have a way to charge the device during the day while at the range - Inverter, Cig lighter adaptor, etc.  If your device goes flat, then you can’t shoot.  There are no spare devices available at the range.  All shooters must be self-sufficient.



Matches will be shot in the below scheduled order where possible.  Sunday is a light day in case of wash out on unavoidable circumstances that prevent matches on previous days being completed.  We want a priority to at least complete 2x IMC’s.


Those shooters who shoot one rifle spec only will only have the first registered IMC result count, however all subsequent spec shoots will count towards the GP and AR programs.


THURSDAY      Range should be open in the afternoon for some practice, etc.  Roll-up start...join in from where ever there is a space...





FRIDAY      10am ARRIVAL AND SIGN-ON.  Proceed direct to behind 200 firing point.



String 1           200,     Deliberate        - 2 sighters and 10 shots, Standing Off Hand, SR target – 22min.

String 2           200,     Rapid              - 2 sighters in 2 min, then 10 shots 60 seconds, Sitting or Kneeling, SR target.

String 3           300,     Rapid              - 2 sighters in 2 min, then 10 shots 70 sec, Prone, SR3 target.

String 4           600,     Deliberate        - 2 sighters and 20 shots, Prone, MR-1 target – 22min.








SATURDAY           7.30am ARRIVAL AND SIGN-ON.  Proceed direct to behind 300 firing point.


MATCH 2  - AMC 50 shot - AUSTRALIAN SERVICE NATIONALS – Spec 1 rifles only (others fun).

300      Slow Fire,        Prone U/S        2 sighters + 10 rounds         6min,            4x4      Fig 12

            300      Rapid Fire,       Prone U/S        10 rounds with reload         60sec,           4x4      Fig 12

200      Slow Fire,        Sitting U/S        2 sighters + 10 rounds        6min,             4x4      Fig 12

            200      Rapid Fire,       Sitting U/S        10 rounds with reload        60sec,            4x4      Fig 12

            100      Slow Fire,        Standing U/S     2 sighters + 10 rounds       11min,           4x4      Fig 12


MATCH 3  - VMC - VINTAGE SERVICE NATIONALS – Spec 1 rifles only - others for fun.

String 1           200,     Slow Fire         - 5 sighters and 10 shots, Prone, 15min.         Whole match on SR target.

String 2           200,     Rapid              - 10 shots, 70 seconds Prone from standing.

String 3           200,     Rapid              - 10 shots 70 seconds, Sitting or Kneeling.

String 4           200,     Deliberate        - 10 shots, Standing Off Hand, 10min.


MATCH 4  - COOEE CUP/REMEMBRANCE TROPHY – Spec 1 rifles only - others for fun.

                                Aggregate of Match 2 & 3.


MATCH 1c - IMC50 - INTERNATIONAL SERVICE NATIONALS (for different rifle spec).



MATCH 5  - TMC 3T - TACTICAL NATIONALS – 600 & 500 “ANY Rifle” (any sight)

                        - 5 sighting shots at 600yards, then 10 to count at 600 and 10 to count at 500.

    Note, the TMC-3T will be shot over 2 days, with the aggregate of 2 relays - A total of 40 scoring shots.

    Day 2 will NOT have additional sighter shots - the match will start cold without sighters.




SUNDAY             7.30am ARRIVAL AND SIGN-ON.   Proceed direct to behind 600 firing point.


MATCH 5 (cont)    - TMC - TACTICAL NATIONALS – 600 “ANY Rifle” (any sight)


MATCH 1d - IMC50 - INTERNATIONAL SERVICE NATIONALS (for different rifle spec).


MATCH Local or make-up - up to 2x IMC50 - INTERNATIONAL SERVICE.





Operational Note:  The 600 yard firing point may be covered - pending volunteers.  Shooters may shoot from under the covered firing point, and scorers may also position themselves under the cover, however no other people are to be under the cover.  A congested firing line is not acceptable.



Rifle Spec Rules Note: For the National Matches, Spec 3 rifles will be permitted to roll into Spec 5.





* * * Every competitor receives an entry competitor patch * * *



Spec 1 Std Srv

Spec 1a Std

Spec 2 Mod

Spec 3 Match

Spec 5 Optic

Open Spec

Match 1




Top 3

Top 3


Match 4

Top 3



Match 5






Top 3


IMC50 results count towards AIHPA Grand Prix, and Qualification, Classification and Australian Rifleman programs.



Entry:        $70 whole event,   or   $50 per day

Non AIHPA members pay additional $10 to be eligible to titles, or may join the AIHPA on the day.



MEALS,   BYO all food and drink all weekend.  There is NO meal breaks during the matches.





Many motels in town.  Self to organise.  Get in early...  Recent good reports on pubs…


Camping on range is permitted for a $5 per night fee.  Come self sufficient.  The club house is a large under-cover area, and has room for sleeping stretchers, etc – considerate space sharing a must.  Hot showers and flush toilets.


Rain tank water available on the range.


Camp fire permitted pending local fire restrictions.



Event Director,   David Waters   d a v i d @ a i h p a . c o m        Mob: 0419 103 076
Gilgandra Deep Creek range info: Bill Cheal H) 02 6847 2359

Note: Organisers reserve the right to change the event or schedule without notice.

Web Site for extra info, rules, range maps etc. 


NOTES:  All matches shot in accordance with relevant rulebooks and amendments.

* * * Organisers reserve the right to change the event and/or schedule without notice. * * *


Range Location: Travel along Mendooran Rd from Gilgandra towards Mendooran for approx 7-8km. Look for a northern turnoff called “Bearbung Rd” sign posted to Rifle Range.  Range is 2.5km on right.


Some GSM & 3G mobile services work at range.  Range operates on UHF Ch30.