13-14 MAY 2023

* * * All licensed shooters welcome to attend * * *


WEATHER WARNING:  Aberdeen range is on dark soil, some 700m from sealed road.  In the event of bad weather, it is strongly advised shooters exit the range as soon as possible - this includes 4WD vehicles.  If there is bad weather leading up to the meet, the meet will be cancelled.  Please check the website for status.  



ELECTRONIC TARGETS:  All other matches at the National Matches will be shot ET’s.  This means, no manual competitor marking of targets…BRILLIANT!

EVERY shooter must have THEIR OWN computing device that is capable of WiFi and has an internet browser – such as a laptop, smartphone or tablet,e tc.  Suggestion is to have the largest screen possible to get the full experience on offer from the ET’s.  Ensure the device is bright enough for screen to be seen outside in daylight (test in advance).  Every person MUST have a way to charge the device during the day while at the range - Inverter, Cig lighter adaptor, etc.  If your device goes flat, then you can’t shoot.  There are no spare devices available at the range.  All shooters must be self-sufficient.



Matches will be shot in the below scheduled order where possible.  We will try to finish incomplete Fri & Sat matches on the Sunday.


Those shooters who shoot one rifle spec only will only have the first registered IMC result count for the particular event, however all subsequent spec shoots will count towards the GP and AR programs.


Shooters contesting multiple rifle specs for the IMC, they may shoot the rifle specs to a match or day in any order.  However, if using the same rifle across multiple specs (forwards compatible), the lowest spec counts as first result, and subsequent results count towards the higher specs.




SATURDAY       7.30am ARRIVAL AND SIGN-ON.  Proceed direct to behind 200 firing point.



String 1           200,     Deliberate        - 2 sighters and 10 shots, Standing Off Hand, SR target – 12min.

String 2           200,     Rapid              - 2 sighters in 2 min, then 10 shots 60 seconds, Sitting or Kneeling, SR target.

String 3           300,     Rapid              - 2 sighters in 2 min, then 10 shots 70 sec, Prone, SR3 target.

String 4           600,     Deliberate        - 2 sighters and 10 shots, Prone, MR-1 target – 12min.


MATCH 1b - IMC40 - INTERNATIONAL SERVICE. (shot concurrently at each distance).

MATCH 1c - IMC40 - INTERNATIONAL SERVICE. (shot concurrently at each distance).

MATCH 2  - TMC 4T - TACTICAL SERVICE – 600, 500 & 400 “ANY Rifle” (any sight). Muzzle brake permitted.

                        - 5 sighting shots at 600yards, then 10 to count at 600, 10 to count at 500, 10 to count at 400.

    Note, shooters may shoot a second time for GP if there are vacant spots.



         50y      Slow Fire,        AFP                 5 warm up shots. 3min,   Any open area on the targets

         50y      Slow Fire,        Prone U/S        10 rounds        10min,     SSAA RF 50 target

         50y      Rapid Fire,       Prone U/S        10 rounds        70sec,     SSAA RF 50 target

         50y      Rapid Fire,       Sitting U/S        10 rounds        60sec,     SSAA CF 100 target

         50y      Slow Fire,        Off-Hand U/S  10 rounds        10min,     SSAA CF 100 target



Rifle Spec Rules Note: For the matches, forwards compatibility applies, ie. Spec 3 rifles may roll into Spec 5, Spec 1 in to Spec 2, then 3, etc.



SUNDAY             7.30am ARRIVAL AND SIGN-ON.   Proceed direct to behind 200 firing point.


                    - 100, 200, 300, 400, 2x 500, 600, yards.

                        - “ANY Rifle” (any sight) permitted (if you can hold it, you can shoot it). Muzzle brakes permitted.
                        - Shot 3P and supported allowed.

                        - Targets are combinations and multiples of various sized aiming marks.

                        - A sighting period will take place at the starting distance.  Not set round count or time...just what seems reasonable.  No sighters through the match.

     Match Course: - 2x 4min stages at each distance.  Total of 14 stages (may be reduced on the day).

                             - 6 shots per stage.  Total of 84 record shots, plus sighters.

                            -  Each stage will be different Fig targets sequence that each shooter is to engage during that stage.



IMC40 results count towards AIHPA Grand Prix (40 shots) and Australian Rifleman programs.
50 & 80 shots for Qualification and Classification and Australian Rifleman programs.



Entry:        $60 whole event,   or   $50 per day

Non AIHPA members pay additional $10 to be eligible to titles, or may join the AIHPA on the day.



MEALS,   BYO all food and drink all weekend.  There is NO meal breaks during the day.





Many motels in town.  Self to organise.  Get in early...  Recent good reports on pubs…


Camping near range is permitted for free.  Come completely self sufficient.  There are NO facilities.


Camp fire permitted pending local fire restrictions.



Event Director,   David Waters   d a v i d @ a i h p a . c o m

Note: Organisers reserve the right to change the event or schedule without notice.

Web Site for extra info, rules, range maps etc. 


NOTES:  All matches shot in accordance with relevant rulebooks and amendments.

* * * Organisers reserve the right to change the event and/or schedule without notice. * * *


Range Location: Travel along New England Highway, to southern side of Aberdeen. Turn east at the small brick
shopping centre (Perth St). Go over train track bridge, to next intersection. Turn right (Campbell St) then
turn proceed to end of road.
Go straight through fence gate, into property and proceed towards range.


Some Mobile services work at range.  Range operates on UHF Ch30.