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Shooters Licence
Safe Shooting Course


Note: AIHPA takes no responsibility for the validity of this information.  All interested parties should make their own enquiries for the valid and correct information and procedures at the time they may wish to apply for a firearms licence.


A shooters licence is require for anybody wishing to use rifles for target shooting or hunting.  The application for a shooters licence is very easy.  There are many licenses issued and reissued , after application, regularly by the NSW Police Firearms Registry as the process for licensing is simply a matter of meeting each process requirement.  This process is outlined below (information from the SSAA NSW site).

Telephone the Firearms Registry (1300 362 562) and ask that they send you a Firearms Licence Application.
The registry staff will ask you for some basic information and send you a personalised application in your name.
When applying for a licence you must post the the following to the Firearms Registry:

- A completed "Application for a Personal Firearms Licence Form" (P561)

-One or more of the following completed "Genuine Reason" forms: Target Shooting (P660), Recreational Hunting/Vermin Control (P661), Collecting (P662)

-A certificate showing you have completed an approved Firearms Licence Qualification Course, such as the "SSAA Safe Shooting Course"

-A copy of your current SSAA membership card marked with T, H, and/or C, to show that you have the relevant activities registered with your club.

*If you are applying for a firearms licence to hunt, you may supply a copy of a property owners "letter of permission" to use their property for this purpose instead of, or as well as, showing that you have H on your membership card.


You cannot submit your application for a Firearms Licence, to the Firearms Registry, until you have passed an approved Firearms Licence Qualifcation course.
Firearms Licence Qualification Course: A certificate showing you have completed an approved Firearms Licence Qualification Course must be submitted with your licence application.

-As the course contains both a theoretical and practical component, before starting the course you must first apply for approval to handle firearms during training.

- Amongst the forms sent by the Registry will be a P580 for this purpose. Make sure you complete both sides of the P580 form and send it off to the Firearms Registry by mail or fax (02 6670 8550). Within two weeks you should receive a letter of approval from the Registry, permitting you to participate in the course.

Click here for a list of SSAA Safe Shooting Course assesors in your area or contact the SSAA NSW State Office on (02) 8889 04000 for more information.

Click here for a list of SSAA Club Approval Numbers

Finally, and just as important as all the other steps, in order to keep your Firearms Licence and your firearms you must meet the Minimum Attendance and Safe Storage requirements, as specified by the Firearms Act.
The number of attendances required depends upon the genuine reasons that you specified when applying for your Firearms License and which your Firearms Licence specifies as approved.

To make enquiries for a firearms licence, contact the NSW Firearms Registry.
      Locked Bag 1
      Murwillumbah NSW 2484
      Tel: 1300 362 562
      Fax: 02 6670 8558

AIHPA has approved "Safe Shooting Instructors" who conduct the "SSAA Safe Shooting Course".  Those interested in obtaining a licence must complete the safe shooting course (the theory and practical) to submit with your application for a NSW shooters/firearms licence.  Information on the SSAA advice for attaining a firearms licence (as at June 2008) is below.  Please read...

Download your copy of the SSAA Safe Shooting for review.  Studying this material is beneficial to the applicant, to help complete the exam for the Safe Shooting Course Statement of Attainment.

To organise a time to meet for your Safe Shooting Course Statement of Attainment, email .



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