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Sporting Shooting enthusiasts can now develop and refine shooting skills and experience that will increase enjoyments and rewards in matches and tournaments that take place at an international level right here in Australia.

High Power Rifle is a term that represents a type of rifle cartridge Australians typically know as a Centrefire Rifle.  A high power rifle calibre, by definition, is calibre and rifle combination that is capable of propelling a projectile at velocities greater than the speed of sound.  This is what “high power” actually means, so it is safe to say that all High Power Rifles are Centrefire Rifles.

Some of the most popular styles of shooting anywhere in the world involve skills to contest matches across multi-positions, multi-distances and multi-firing methods.  All these factors mentioned attracted the colloquial term of shooting “Across the Course” (meaning, it covers all possible rifle types and shooting styles).  As usual with many shooting terms, “Across the Course” is known in short as ‘XC”.

AIHPA manages XC for Australia to cater for service base rifles up to state of the art match rifles using iron or optical sights over distances from 100m out to 600m.

The largest High Power Rifle XC event in the world is the “US National Matches” held annually at Camp Perry, in Port Clinton Ohio, USA.  Shooters from many countries, civilians, military and services, assemble at this event to vie for many various High Power championship titles.  Australians have had some good success at this, and similar, events, and AIHPA helps Australian shooters to continue attending this prestigious international event, or any other event in a similar field.

Almost any centrefire rifle, capable of completing the given course of fire, has the ability to contest High Power Rifle matches at a competitive level.  These matches have evolved over many years of experience to test shooter ability rather than the equipment.  Most typical rifle calibres from 22cal up to the 30’s, and most everything in between, will get you well and truly in the game, and from then it is a matter of practice. 

There are all types of rewards for the shooter of any level.  Apart from self reward of participating in such an outstanding, but challenging, discipline, shooters can aim for the highest ranking, achieving the highest grade, go through the qualification system, contest trophies at local, national and international events, or just be part of the game (which many shooters consider the most important value of all).

This discipline is truly a great one, and having international status makes it an important one for service rifle and match rifle shooters.  AIHPA, affiliated with many associations, is an administrative body for this ultimate shooting style.  Shooters wishing to be part of this game are encouraged to join to take advantage of the benefits.

Download the HPR Getting Started Guide


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Download the HPR XC Getting Started Guide