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Australian High Power Rifle

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Shooting Positions

Prone:  Body extended on the ground, head towards the target.  The rifle will be supported by both hands and one shoulder only.  No portion of the arms below the elbows shall rest upon the ground or any artificial support, or may any portion of the rifle or body rest against any artificial support.


Kneeling:  Buttocks must be clear of the ground, but may rest on one foot.  The rifle will be supported by both hands and one shoulder only.  The arm supporting the rifle rests on the knee or leg.  The elbow of the trigger arm will be free from all support (artificial or body).  One knee must be touching the ground.  A roll as described may be placed under the instep provided the foot is placed tow down at an angle not greater than 45degrees from the vertical.  Only trousers and underclothing may be between the shooters buttocks and the heel.  If no kneeling roll is used, the foot may be at any angle. 

Sitting:  Weight of the body supported on the buttocks and the feet or ankles.  No other portion of the body touching the ground.  The rifle will be supported by both hands and one shoulder only.  Arms may rest on the legs at any point above the ankles. 

Standing:  Erect on both feet, no other portion of the body touching the ground or any supporting surface.  The rifle will be supported by both hands, and cheek, and one shoulder and upper arm.  The upper arm is defined as from the middle of the bicep toward the shoulder.  The elbow or back of the forward arm may be placed against the body or rested on the hip.  Some matches do not allow the use of a sling in the standing position (refer to relevant match course or event rules).  Where no sling is allowed, it may NOT be wrapped around the arm or hand.  The butt of the rifle must be on the outside of any clothing. 

Any Position:  Any position in which the rifle is supported only by the body, assisted if desired by the sling, with no artificial support, and by which no competitors or range personnel are endangered. 

Supported:  Allows for the use of artificial supports such as post, rest, box, sleeping roll or artificial object.

Artificial Support:  All references to a support is a surface, except the ground, not specifically authorised for use in the rules for the position prescribed.  Digging of elbow or heel holes at the firing points which form artificial support for the elbows, arms or legs is prohibited.  Use of artificial support, including back braces, is prohibited except as individually authorised for a physically handicapped shooter.

Rifle Magazine:  The magazine of the rifle may touch the person or clothing, but must not touch the ground or be used to provide artificial support. 

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