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Peter Barnier showed why he is the best shooter in Australia by displaying  sensational shooting skills at the final shoots of the year, the Sydney Classic and Sydney Open.  Shooting a 491 in the Open aggregate, secured Peter as the clear winner of the 2007 National Tour series championship.


It was a very good year for HP, and the series.  It was very slow getting going due to so many wash outs and reschedules that cause attendance confusion resulting in low numbers, but once the series got going, the numbers grew.  All shooters are thanked for taking part in the series, and the individual meets.


We look forward to a very well attended an prosperous year in 2008.


Thanks for your support.





The Tour

The annual Grand Tour Series is a system to not only determine a champion over a series of events, but also compile a rankings listing for shooters of Service High Power Rifle.  This ranking system is then used, when required, to select appropriate teams for representation at any level.


Rifle Categories

The National Tour is run over rifle specifications as follows:


            - SPEC 1         Service Std/As-Issued with Iron Sights (Vintage Service)

            - SPEC 2         Service modified/Match with Iron Sights

            - SPEC 3         Match/Field/Sporter/Factory/Hunting Rifle with Iron Sights

            - SPEC 5         Per Spec 1, 2 or 3 but with Optical Sights.


Shooters may compete and contest in all rifle specifications.


Scoring and Results Computation

All scores used for GT and Rankings come from AIHPA sanctioned Service matches as per the official event calendar, running the "International Match Course”.


Only the best 3 match results of each shooter, and each spec, will be used to compile the aggregate GT and Ranking results.  If a shooter competes in more than 3 meets, then the best 3 results are used, and all remaining results are dropped.  The more results a shooter has to choose from, the more chances that shooter has of doing well.


Annual Rankings

Annual rankings are captured at the end of each shooting calendar year.  These results are equal to the results from the “National Tour” but ranked in order of aggregate results from highest to lowest.  Rankings are “Open” (unclassified).


Teams Selection

The “Team” for the given year will be based on the required quantity of top ranked shooters at the end of that year. This system will be used for determining a team to represent the discipline when required.


Further Info

For more information, please contact AIHPA Rifle National Coordinator e-mail rifle@ aihpa .com or log onto the discipline web site http://www.aihpa.com