The results from the sanctioned matches count towards GP, Australian Rifleman and qualification meet.



Electronic Targes ETs will be in use for the whole meet.  This means, no competitor marking of targets… and no effort spent to buddy up, etc.  Just show up and shoot.

Shooters MUST have THEIR OWN computing device to show shots, scores, etc.  Such a device receives details from the ET server, hence the device MUST be capable of WiFi and have a web browser.  Ideal devices are tablets and smartphones or e-reader.  Laptops are acceptable but more bulky.  A device with the largest screen possible is preferred.

There are NO spare devices at the range for borrowing.

PLEASE BE SURE YOU HAVE A WAY TO CHARGE THE DEVICE DURING THE DAY ON THE RANGE - eg. Car cigarette charger, etc, and charge during downtime.



May arrive to setup camp.

Range may be open for practice - email for confirmation before arrival.

Shotgun Trap may be open in afternoon, time and volunteers permitting, for those wishing to have a go.  Be fully self sufficient.  Shooters may lend their shotgun to those suitable wishing to try.  Each shooter to sort out between themselves.  Cost of a few dollars to cover clays.


SATURDAY    Sign on is 7.30am each day.

- Up to 4x GILGANDRA GP - IMC40 - INTERNATIONAL SERVICE (call may be made on the day pending numbers).
            String 1           200,     Deliberate       - 2 sighters and 10 shots, Standing Off Hand, SR target – 12min.
            String 2           200,     Rapid                 - 2 sighters 2 min, then 10 shots 60 seconds, Sitting or Kneeling, SR target.
            String 3           300,     Rapid                 - 2 sighters 2 min, then 10 shots 70 sec, Prone, SR3 target.
            String 4           600,     Deliberate       - 2 sighters and 10 or 20 shots, Prone, MR-1 target – 22min.  May shoot 10 shots for GP only
, or 20 for Qual and Class'n.


- TMC-3T - TACTICAL GP– 600 & 500 “ANY Rifle” (any sight)

                        - 5 sighting shots at 600yards, then 10 to count at 600 and 10 to count at 500.


SUNDAY    Sign on is 7.30am each day

Repeat of Saturday, but starting with the Tactical match, then moving to 200 to start the IMC's.


Approx finish Sunday: 2pm.


Cost:  $60 for weekend or $50 per day.

Camping on range permitted - $5 per night fee.

Organisers reserve the right to change the schedule without notice.  IMC has priority, always.

Schedule may change without notice.