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Australian International High Power
   Annual Fund Raiser 2010 

$3,766 RAISED (new AIHPA record)

Sponsored and run by: the AIHPA

The 2010 Charity Fund Raiser came to a conclusion at The Sydney Cup even, held on the 4th of July at the ANZAC rifle range.  The prize draw took place in the presence of High Power Rifle shooters and 3 representatives of the Cystic Fibrosis foundation.
The AIHPA have set their own new charity fund raiser record of $3,766.  Many thanks to all the AIHPA, its members, and most importantly, the sport of shooting.
#1 for lubricants and race gear.
A team of support you can count on.
Tel: 1300 30 20 70 Aust wide.
Nexon, Asia Pacific, are providers of telecommunications and telephony systems for small, med and HUGE enterprises.  Also IT solution providers and data centre hosting services.
Australia's only guns and components supply company that has members who understand "shooting" and "shooters".  AIHPA preferred supplier...
Ph:  +61 (02) 9743-7328
#1 for car care products.
Tel: 612 9609 7999

Mainline Automotive Equipment
Computer based Dyno's for 2WD, 4WD & AWD vehicles.
PHONE: +61 2 9773 8222

Telstra Business
Sydney Metro Airports Bankstown & Camden – Australia’s leading metropolitan airports

Pro Auto & Marine,
a business 30 years old and proudly Australian owned and operated.
T 9793 2774
F 9793 2265

- Allan Bennett (TAS) Gun Blueing.
- J.J. O'Brien (responsible beverage and food venues)
- Jacksons On George, Circular Quay
- Frank Gasparini.
- David Waters.
- John Waters.
- Sydney Centrefire Rifle Group.
- Peter Cuddy.


In keeping with AIHPA’s tradition of hosting an annual charity drive, this year the club chose to increase awareness, and raise money, for the the Cystic Fibrosis foundation.

The brief was simple; we needed a charity that somehow related to the one of the three principles of shooting: breathing, sight picture, trigger control.  Having already raised $2200 for Multiple Sclerosis in 2008 (a condition affecting the central nervous system and therefore motion control), then in 2009 raising $3615 for the eyesight charity of Macular Degeneration (MD), the AIHPA decided this year’s charity ought to be breathing related.

Frank Gasparini, an avid AIHPA shooter, nominated the Cystic Fibrosis (CF) foundation of NSW for the 2010 raffle to the AIHPA, where the committee agreed.  Frank volunteered to project manage the fund raiser on behalf of organisation.  Frank had a steap learning curve, but began immediately accumulating sponsors, distribution of raffle ticket books and chasing funds.

Frank has been involved with the CF community for 24 years, since his daughter, Cathy, was diagnosed with CF at birth. Back then, the life expectancy of children with CF was, in fact, just that - childhood.  CF primarily affects the lungs and makes it difficult for sufferers to breathe, and causes frequent involuntary coughing, treated by the taking of numerous medications to reduce the lung damage of the disease.  Whilst people with CF can certainly participate in shooting sports, their standard of shooting will be affected depending how old the shooter is, and how advanced the stages of CF in that person are.

Today, many people with CF are living into their twenties, thirties and beyond. These advancements have only occurred due to the dedication and generosity of fund raising efforts, like this AIHPA fund raiser, to assist medical research and support the families of children with CF.

After months of promotion and hard ticket-selling by AIHPA members, the raffle was finally drawn Sunday, 4th July, at the Sydney Cup.  43 prizes given out, ranging in value from $20 to $300for a total value of over $2000.

In total, the AIHPA raised $3766 for the CF foundation.  A tremendous effort.  This results in the AIHPA's 3 year fund raising initiatives to total over $9,500.  A SENSATIONAL EFFORT!!!

Two sufferers of CF (including Frank’s daughter Cathy and her friend Lisa) attended the raffle draw on the day, as well as a representative from the CF foundation of NSW.  All three extended their warm thanks to the AIHPA and its members, for thier hard efforts.

AIHPA’s dedication to annual charity fund raising events serves not only as a positive reflection of its’ members to continually increase awareness and raise money for various charities, but AIHPA's fund raising events also serve to  positively reflect upon, and support charities linked to, the sport of shooting as a whole.

Special thanks go to Dave  Waters for all his hard work, guidance and maintaining the website. Also a huge thanks to the AIHPA committee, lead by Matt Avard, for accepting CF as the 2010 charity of choice.  Of course, a very special and overwhelming thank you to all of you who sold raffle tickets books (a burdenous task) and thanks to all those who purchased raffle tickets.

It goes without saying, a HUGE thank you to our generous sponsors which include: Valvoline (Major sponsor), Bankstown Airport, J.J. O'Brien's chain of hotels, The Gunsmiths, De Bortoli Wines, Mainline Dyno, Nexon, Telstra, and many other company and private sponsors who dug deep for this great cause.  This year’s raffle would not have been a success without your generous contributions; not only in terms of generous sponsorship and dollars raised, but also organisation, knowledge and the time you have dedicated.

Congratulations to our winners and well done all!

Catherine Gasparini


Qty: Item: Aprx
$ (ea)
From: Winner Name
1 Car care kits and clothing item 1 $60 Valvoline / Ashland Australia Richard Ruppas
1 Car care kits and clothing item 2 $60 Valvoline / Ashland Australia Steph Mowie
1 Car care kits and clothing item 3 $60 Valvoline / Ashland Australia Bill Vlachos
1 Car care kits and clothing item 4 $60 Valvoline / Ashland Australia Gary Ranse
1 Car care kits and clothing item 5 $60 Valvoline / Ashland Australia Leigh Sinclair
1 Car Dyno tests (with reports) $100 Mainline Automotive Jason Watson
1 Car Dyno tests (with reports) $100 Mainline Automotive H Fabian
1 Car Dyno tests (with reports) $100 Mainline Automotive Stewart George
1 Home miniature entertainment system - LCD screen, CD-DVD, Tuner, I-pod dock, etc. $300 David Waters Al Baynes
1 Car or marine auto tune-up, service, repairs or maintenance. $300 Pro Auto & Marine Natalie Stewart
1 Polygram CD/DVD collection $120 Polygram Records John Waters
1 Polygram CD/DVD collection $120 Polygram Records Kristy Scott
1 Mobile phone bluetooth earpiece kit $150 Telstra Rex Jones
1 Boston speaker sets (Amp, speakers, sub) $125 Nexon Asia Pacific Joe McNally
1 Case of De Bortoli Wine $125 De Bortoli Roman Copot
1 Firearm blueing job - incl return postage.
Winner must contact the AIHPA to arrange work.
$120 Allan Bennett (Tasmania)
(Allan wishes details kept private).
1 Food and Drink Voucher $120 Jacksons On George-Circular Quay Carol & Robert
1 LED high-output metal chassis torch $60 David Waters AIHPA
1 Willow 55lt ice cooler (with wheels) $60 Ian Bertenshaw Dick Bennett
1 Spend voucher at "The Gunsmiths" $50 The Gunsmiths Peter Male
1 Spend voucher at "The Gunsmiths" $50 The Gunsmiths Dick Bennett
1 Spend voucher at "The Gunsmiths" $50 The Gunsmiths Andrew Wilson
1 Spend voucher at "The Gunsmiths" $50 The Gunsmiths Jaqui Bennett
1 Food and Drink Voucher $50 J.J. O'briens Margaret Keenan
1 Food and Drink Voucher $50 J.J. O'briens Aubrey Sonnenberg
1 Food and Drink Voucher $50 J.J. O'briens AIHPA
1 Wireless PC keyboard & mouse $50 Nexon Asia Pacific Frank Gasparini
1 Telstra merchandise kit $40 Telstra Al Baynes
1 Telstra merchandise kit $40 Telstra AIHPA
1 Binoculars 10x21 $20 Frank Gasparini Joan Gasparini
1 Binoculars 10x21 $20 Frank Gasparini Peter Crowley
1 Binoculars 10x21 $20 Frank Gasparini Scott Newport
1 Binoculars 10x21 $20 Frank Gasparini Paul Flood
1 Binoculars 10x21 $20 Frank Gasparini Richard Ruppas
1 Binoculars 10x21 $20 Frank Gasparini    (TBA)
1 Binoculars 10x21 $20 Frank Gasparini Dick Bennett
1 Binoculars 10x21 $20 Frank Gasparini C Fabian
1 Binoculars 10x21 $20 Frank Gasparini AIHPA
1 Binoculars 10x21 $20 Frank Gasparini Peter Cuddy
1 Toiletry Set - Paco Rabanne, For Men $25 Frank Gasparini Dick Bennett
1 Pavina Double Wall Thermo Glasses $40 John Waters Jason Watson
1 Avanti Cocktail Shaker $20 John Waters Kay Dean
1 Drinking Glasses (Tumblers) $15 Frank Gasparini Scott Price

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INTRO: Breathing, Sight Picture and Trigger Control are the fundamentals of shooting.  These are the area's every shooter should work on so they are conducted subconsciously and perfectly.  These mastered areas of shooting will allow a shooter to concentrate on the actual shooting activity (course, sequence, conditions, zero's, etc).

This far, the AIHPA has raised around $6,000 for charity.  This is a fantastic achievement.  All this money raised has gone towards foundations that help address sufferers from 2 of the 3 fundamentals of shooting - Trigger Control through our MS drive, Sight Picture through our MD drive.  Now, we are raising money for Breathing, through our 2010 CF drive.

Cystic Fibrosis is, now, commonly known in Australia as 65 Roses, due to a young brother who spoke of his sisters disease and was too young to pronounce it correctly.  Many charity fund raiser days are dedicated to the 65 Roses theme, such as a largely organised 65km marathon event.  Perhaps shooters could organise a 65 shot match?


We need of sponsors to add to the raffle prize list.  If you would like to be a sponsor, so your company, or interest, will have relevant logos and details displayed on our website, etc, then please email with your pledge.

We desperately need members to sell raffle tickets.  Each book has 20 tickets, and we have a total of 50 books.  Please email us your postal address to have a book sent to you.  THIS IS CRITICAL.  More selling tickets, then the more tickets we should sell.

EVERYBODY, please consider buying tickets.  A small price of just $5 gives you a chance to win and an opportunity to help.

Please email us your pledge on with your support (to promote and sell tickets), donate or purchase tickets.

- This charity fund raiser is being run by the AIHPA.
- All profits from the fund raiser will go to our 2010 charity choice, Cystic Fibrosis.
- All prize winners will be posted on the website.  Ticket holders must check the website for any winnings within 14 days of draw date.
- All prize winners may collect prizes at the draw (if present) or must email or call the organisers to claim prizes within 14 days of draw.
- All prizes won will be sent out within 3 months, provided the winner discloses full mailing details.  If incorrect mailing detail are given, the AIHPA are not responsible for tracking or delivery of the item, and no replacement will be given.

How the prizes will be drawn and distributed.
- There are 2 raffle prize categories - First Class (of more expensive items) and 2nd Chance (of cheaper items).
- Raffle will be drawn 4th July 2010 at the close of the SCRG The Sydney Cup.
- Raffle ticket stubs of all sold raffle ticket books will be folded and placed in a raffle ticket container.
- A ticket representing each prize will be put into a second ticket box.
- Raffle ticket stubs will be drawn from the raffle ticket box by a delegate one at a time.
- As each winning raffle ticket stub is drawn, a prize ticket will be drawn from the prize box.
- The above will continue until all first class prizes are exhausted, then the above will take place for the second chance draw for all remaining tickets until second chance prizes are exhausted.

- We appreciate all the help anybody can give us to collect, prizes, and we especially appreciate those that have donated.
- The list of prizes available is per the table.