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Range Commands

Range to Pits

Australian High Power Rifle

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Commands for the PITS

Following are some common, but important commands that are used during a High Power Rifle event.  A full list of commands is in the NRA HPR rulebook. 


"The range is closed - the pits are now opened"
Those required for pit duty must proceed immediately to the pits.  Pit personnel should have eye and ear protection, and MUST HAVE A PEN for any scoring that may be required.

"The pits are now closed - the range is now open" 
There is no leaving or entering the pits.
Front your allocated target.  Make sure target is clean, ready for next string.
If you are new at operating a target in a gallery, make sure you have advised the Pit Officer.

”Stand by your targets.....half-mast your target" 
All targets will go up halfway so match director at the firing line can see that the target gallery is ready for the next shooting string.

”Stand by your targets.....targets UP" 
SLOW FIRE:  Each shot will be marked and scored by placing a small spotting disc into the bullet hole, and placing a large disc around the target perimeter (see Marking & Scoring) to indicate the shot value.

RAPID FIRE: During the rapid fire strings, the targets are NOT pulled between each shot - the targets are left along in the "UP" position until instructed to pull down. 

“Stand by your targets.....targets DOWN" Especially used during Rapid Fire strings.
After the prescribed time has expired, the targets will be pulled down to signal the end of the string.

“Score and Spot your targets" Especially used during Rapid Fire strings.
Be sure to count the hits BEFORE scoring the target.  If prescribed number of hits are not on the target, immediately notify the Pits Officer.  When scoring is complete, place small spotting discs, or in some cases a golf tees, in all the bullet holes.  For bullet holes on the line score “best edge” (they get the highest value).  When target is scored and spotted, run to half mast.  Do NOT put the target up until instructed by Pits Officer.

“Targets up for a firers view"
Immediately place the target in the up position so the shooters may see their fall of shots by the spotting discs.  Leave the targets up until ALL the scores are relayed back to the firing line, or when told.  The targets should be up for at least 1 minute.

“Clean out your target and make ready for the next string"
You will either use patches, a replacement centre, or new target to cover the holes just made.

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