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Range to Pits

Australian High Power Rifle

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Commands for the RANGE

Following are some common, but important commands that are used during a High Power Rifle event.  A full list of commands is in the NRA HPR rulebook. 


“ECI”:  "Empty Chamber Indicator" is a yellow flag with a long spike and short tail that sits inside the receiver.  The long spike sits through the chamber and bore to ensure the chamber is empty.

“Action Open / Bolt Open”
Unless the rifle is cased, the actions must be open (in some cases with an Empty Chamber Indicator (ECI) inserted) at all times except when the competitor is in preparation period or conducting live fire.

"The range is closed - the pits are now opened"
Those required for pit duty must proceed immediately to the pits.  Pit personnel should have eye and ear protection, and MUST HAVE A PEN for any scoring that may be required.

"The pits are closed - the range is now open" 
There is no going forward of the firing line.  Nobody should be leaving the pits.  Live firing may proceed.

"Shooters, in detail “X”, bring your equipment to the firing line"
You are to bring your equipment to the line, but do not proceed to prepare yourself for the following firing practice.

"Your three minute preparation period begins when your target appears"
(This preparation time is timed by the pit officer).
When your target appears, you may prepare your shooting position, equipment, handle the rifle, sling up and dry-fire.  (Shooters are recommended that they utilise this preparation period as there is NO further time given to the shooter to make ready for the following course.

"Your preparation period has ended"
(The targets will go down after the 3minutes has expired)
At this point, the Match Director or Range Officer will give an introduction to the match, telling you the course to be conducted, time limit allowed, number of rounds to be fired, etc.

"Adopt “X” position for your sighting period"
(Only required for Rapid Fire strings - Not needed for slow fire strings).
Bolts should remain OPEN.
Wait 30 seconds then announce next command.

"You now have a 2 minute sighter period for 2 slow fire sighters"
(Not needed for slow fire strings as sighters are part of the string overall time limit).
(Range Officer advises pits officer the 2minute sighting period is about to commence - put targets up).
Shooters shoot 2 slow fire (single round) sighting shots in the prescribed firing position.

"Your sighting period has ended”
(Not needed for slow fire strings as sighters are part of the overall time limit). 

"Shooters, stand”
(Only required for the Rapid Fire strings).  Shooters stand with rifle while actions are open and rifles clear.

"With bolt remaining open, load, ?x? rounds"
Is the process of inserting ammunition into the rifle by either charging the internal magazine, or attaching a magazine that contains rounds.  Actions MUST remain open.  When the load command is given, the magazine of the rifle is charged with the prescribed number of rounds for the string/s.  The bolt remains open, and the chamber empty.Shooters will have approx 20 seconds to load prescribed rounds.  DO NOT close the bolt.

“Action”:  The bolt is closed on a live round, the safety is applied, sights aligned.  No finger is permitted inside the trigger guard.

"Ready on the right, Ready on the left, All ready on the firing line"
Command to tell the shooters that the firing line is ready, and the string will commence when the targets appear.  This should be announced to shooters and at the same time to the pits.  This command is typically used during "Rapid Fire" or "Snap Fire" strings.

"Your time will begin, and you may fire, when your target appears"
Used to start slow fire (application) strings.  You may close your bold and commence fire within the prescribed time limit.

“Commence Fire”:  With the targets exposed, and ready, begin firing.  This command is typically used during "Deliberate" strings.  This command is only used during the 3PRB.

“Watch and Shoot”:  When the targets appear, begin firing.  This command is typically used during the AMC for "Rapid Fire" and "Snap Fire" strings.

“Cease Fire”:  When Cease Fire is called, the shooter will immediately stop firing, and unload the rifle. 

“Unload”:  An unloaded rifle is one that has an open action, and contains no cartridge or ammunition in either the chamber or the magazine (internal or attached to rifle).

“Clear all rifles and insert ECI”:  There is NO ammunition in the rifle, the bolt is open (or removed), detachable magazines are removed and an Empty Chamber Indicator (ECI) is inserted.

"Shooters, make you rifles safe"
Open the bolt (some ranges require you to remove your bolt), or put in open Empty Chamber Indicator (ECI).  Rifles will be inspected by another person.  There may be 1 or 2 inspections depending on range.

“Is the line safe?”:  Safety officers are to check shooter firearms for clear and inserted ECI, then confirm to the range officer the range is safe (clear).

"Are there any saved rounds or Alibis?"
During Rapid Fire. DO NOT fix a miss-fire, etc if you want to take advantage of a re-fire. Look for a range officer for help and instructions. If someone else had problems, you will be given further instructions. If you have saved rounds (shots that did not get fired within the time limit) let a range officer know so the markers in the pits know there is less that prescribed holes in the target.

“Firers View”  Shooters will look towards the target line to see their target containing spotting disks to highlight where the shots went.  The target will appear and stay exposed during the score reading time, and will remain exposed for 30seconds after the score is relayed back to the firing line.

"Shooters, stand by for your scores and groups"
For Rapid Fire strings.  The targets will appear with spotting discs inserted in the bullet holes and the scores will be relayed back to the firing line.  If you are not around for the score, you will miss out.

"Shooters, remove your equipment from the line"
DO NOT leave any equipment on the firing line unless what is left will be used by the next shooter.

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