These meets are local events, meaning it is not an outright championship event.  The results from the sanctioned matches count towards GP, Australian Rifleman and qualification meet.

WEATHER WARNING:  Aberdeen range is on dark soil, some 700m from sealed road.  In the event of bad weather, it is strongly advised shooters exit the range as soon as possible - this includes 4WD vehicles.  If there is bad weather leading up to the meet, the meet will be cancelled.  Please check the website for status.  



Electronic Targes ETs will be in use for the whole meet.  This means, no manual competitor marking of targets…

Shooters MUST have THEIR OWN computing device to show shots, scores, etc from the electronic target system.  Such a device receives details from the ET server, hence the device MUST be capable of WiFi and have a web browser.  Ideal devices are tablets and smartphones or reasonable e-reader.  Laptops are acceptable but more bulky.  A device with the largest screen possible is preferred.

There are NO spare devices at the range for borrowing.

PLEASE BE SURE YOU HAVE A WAY TO CHARGE YOUR DEVICE DURING THE DAY ON THE RANGE - eg. Car cigarette charger, etc, and charge during downtime.


Saturday,  Sign on from 8:00am.

- IMC:  Up to 2x ABERDEEN GP - IMC40 - INTERNATIONAL SERVICE (call may be made on the day pending numbers).
            String 1           200,     Deliberate       - 2 sighters and 10 shots, Standing Off Hand, SR target – 12min.
            String 2           200,     Rapid                 - 2 sighters 2 min, then 10 shots 60 seconds, Sitting or Kneeling, SR target.
            String 3           300,     Rapid                 - 2 sighters 2 min, then 10 shots 70 sec, Prone, SR3 target.
            String 4           600,     Deliberate       - 2 sighters and 10 shots, Slow Fire Prone, MR-1 target – 12min.


- TMC 4T - TACTICAL SERVICE – 600, 500 & 400 “ANY Rifle” (any sight). Muzzle brake permitted.

         - 5 sighting shots at 600yards, then 10 to count at 600, 10 to count at 500, 10 to count at 400.

         Note, shooters may shoot a second time for GP if there are vacant spots.



         50y   Slow Fire,     AFP 5 warm up shots.  3min,   Any open area on the targets
         50y   Slow Fire,     Prone U/S                    10 rounds 10min,    SSAA RF 50 target
         50y   Rapid Fire,   Prone U/S                    10 rounds 70sec,     SSAA RF 50 target
         50y   Rapid Fire,   Sitting U/S                   10 rounds 60sec,     SSAA CF 100 target
         50y   Slow Fire,     Off-Hand U/S              10 rounds 10min,    SSAA CF 100 target

Note, range will be open from 100 yards for general shooting, so shooters may shoot 100yard centrefire for zero, testing, etc.


SUNDAY    Sign on is 7.30am.


                    - 100, 200, 300, 400, 2x 500, 600 yards.

                        - “ANY Rifle” (any sight) permitted (if you can hold it, you can shoot it). Muzzle brakes permitted.
                        - Shot 3P and supported allowed.

                        - Targets are combinations and multiples of varying sized aiming marks.

                        - A sighting period will take place at the starting distance.  Not set round count or time...just what seems reasonable.  No sighters through the match.

     Match Course: - 2x 4min stages at each distance.  Total of 14 stages (may be reduced on the day).

                             - 6 shots per stage.  Total of 84 record shots, plus sighters.

                            -  Each stage will be different Fig targets sequence that each shooter is to engage during that stage.



Cost:  $70 per weekend, $50 per day.

Organisers reserve the right to change the schedule without notice.  IMC has priority, always.

Schedule may change without notice.  Always check the website right up to the meet for updates (but this does not mean changes do not take place later).