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   MS 2008 Fund Raiser



Held and sponsored by: AIHPA, SSAA & SSAA Sydney Centrefire Rifle Group
$2,200.00 raised for MS, by Shooters...



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Shooters Target Multiple Sclerosis

By Richard Ruppas. 

There I was staring at the PC screen on 3rd June when an email appears from David Waters asking “Rich.  I’m hearing a lot of MS advertising on the radio lately.  Why is that?”.

As with many of the large charity and wellness groups, the Multiple Sclerosis Society was running its MS Awareness week between 1st and 7th of June.  MS affects the central nervous system.  It interferes with the transmission of nerve impulses throughout the brain to the body via the spinal cord and optic nerves.  This can result in impairment of motor, sensory and cognitive functions.

There have been many famous and elite athletes who suffer from MS.  As with many illness conditions, it can terribly affect those who so desperately choose to pursue their wishes and choices in life.  In my case, it is shooting.

David knowing I suffer from MS, and being a keen shooter, suggested  the idea of me heading up an campaign to fund raise in recognition of MS awareness week, if I felt up to it.  I was keen to help fund raise for research into a cure for this terrible disease.  This is where the whole fund raiser, and the work, started.

Not having done this before, we had to come up with some objectives and ideals to run the raffle to, and with only days until the end of MS week, organise tickets, prizes, adverts, communication channels, etc.  The work was not an issue for such an important cause.  Our main rule was ensuring this was to remain a shooter initiative, and shooter contribution to an important cause.  Shooters were to organize the fund raiser, shooters sell the tickets, shooters buy the tickets, shooters win shooting prizes, and shooters present a healthy cheque to the MS society – on behalf of shooters.

AIHPA was used to spear head this cause, and after contacting Peter Cuddy of the SSAA Sydney Branch, Peter had no hesitation throwing his support behind it.  This support grew with thanks to the many appreciated ticket selling volunteers around NSW, ACT and WA.  Not a bad effort in just a couple of days.  We are sure, if we had more time, our main shooter contacts in other states would have pitched in also.

I dedicated spending the whole of days 2 and 3 making phone calls, sending emails and driving to literally everyone I could think of and asking for support with prizes.  The response was incredible, and again a good sign of how united the shooting sports world is for a good cause.

Special thanks to our sponsors:-  Beretta Australia, Russell Mark, Nioa Trading, Winchester Australia, Kizlyar Knives, Sheldon & Hammond, The Gunsmiths, Safari Firearms, South Western Firearms and Gun Smithing (WA), Yaffa Publishing, H & K Systems Australia, Australasian Knife Collectors Association (WA), Bankstown Gun Shop, The Game Council of NSW , Horsley Park Gun shop. 

Many thanks to our co-organisers, Australian International High Power Association (AIHPA), Sporting Shooters Association of Australia, Sydney Branch Inc (SSAA) & the informal SSAA Sydney Centerfire Rifle Group (SCRG) shooters.

The 6th of July, at the SSAA Sydney Cup, was the close of the fund raiser, and where the shooters gathered at the close of competition for their presentation and to witness the MS fund raiser raffle.  SSAA Sydney Branch Secretary Peter Cuddy and AIHPA President David Waters both spoke in favour of the cause, I gave a brief of the prizes and raffle process, Craig Mahoney SCRG Captain carried out the raffle process with the help of “the youngest person in the room” (a nice young daughter to one of the shooters, with a big smile on her face, and blushing red cheeks).

         (Craig conducting the raffle draw...)

A list of the lucky winners is detailed below.  The big winner, were the MS Society, and the shooters.  What a fantastic effort by all the shooters and volunteers to sell 100% of the ticket allocations, and raise a total of A$2,200.00 for a great cause Well done!

I hope this fund raiser has helped raise greater awareness of the disease amongst shooters, and hopefully raised recognition of sporting shooters.

Please also find below an official response from the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Many thanks to the supporters and shooters.

From the MSS.

   “On behalf of the MS Society, and people affected by MS, please accept our thanks for your generous support.

     The funds which you all helped to raise will assist us to provide a wide range of services to people with MS and
     support for their families and carers. These services are aimed at enabling people with MS to maintain their maximum
     level of independence at home and where appropriate in the work place.

   MS Australia ACT/NSW/VIC, in consultation with people with MS, constantly reviews and adapts existing services
   while also implementing new ones to keep up with the latest developments in research and treatment for this baffling disease.

   Thank you for caring, your support is truly appreciated.

     Kerry Hill
     Events & Community Fundraising Project Manager”

Note:  For those who won, and weren’t at the draw to collect, you will be contact soon.
Just some of the many prizes...

Prize Draw

Prize Description


Winner & Ticket


Russell Mark (Olympic Gold & Silver medal winner - clay shooting) signed Beretta Shirt

Russell Mark

Simon Ross 2197831


Leupold Binos RRP $400.00

Nioa Trading, Qld

John Jones 2104635


Winchester 15-45x60 spotting scope RRP $300.00

Winchester Australia, Vic

Aubrey Sonnenberg 2120143


Olivon Variable 3-12 x 50 rifle scope RRP $220.00

Safari Firearms, NSW

DVJ 2125776


A Kizlyar Scorpion M Knife  RRP $206.40

Kizlar Knives (Australia), Russia

James Rich 2104276


Barska Binoculars with inbuilt digital camera RRP $200.00

Sheldon & Hammond

DVJ 2122934


A Miroku shooting vest RRP $180.00

The Gunsmiths, NSW

Phil Hunter 2103808


a tasco world class 3-9 x 40 rifle scope RRp $120.00

Southwestern firearms & Gunsmithing, WA

Josh Coghran 2104553


A Castle Aluminium double rifle case RRP $110.00

The Gunsmiths, NSW

Josh Coghran 2120406


Tikka pack(hat & shirt) & baretta shooting glasses

Beretta Australia, Vic

Karl Menzel 2103809


A pair of smart reloader  electronic ear muffs

Beretta Australia, Vic

Peter Derley 2105464


12 months subscription to Australasian Sporting Shooter Magazine

Yaffa Publishing, NSW

Brad Day 2128415


Heckler & Koch pack (hat & shirt, keyring, screen saver) & Tasco torch

H & K Systems Australia, Vic

John Black 2120463


Heckler & Koch pack (hat & shirt, keyring, screen saver) & Tasco torch

H & K Systems Australia, Vic

Rob Garner 2104624


Heckler & Koch hat, BGS Rifle Bag,keyring, screen saver & Tasco torch

H & K Systems Australia, Vic

Alan Reilly 2197004


Firewheel Elastic Band Gun & Herron folding multi tool

The Gunsmiths, NSW

Dean Georgelin 2120445


BGS Hat & Rifle Bag, H & K key ring, screen saver &  Tasco torch

Bankstown Gun Shop, NSW

T & PVRC 2197808


BGS Hat & Rifle Bag, H & K key ring, screen saver & Tasco torch

Bankstown Gun Shop, NSW

Dave Kelly 2130160


BGS Hat & Rifle Bag, H & K  screen saver,  Tasco torch

Bankstown Gun Shop, NSW

Lorraine Wheeldon 2130157


BGS Hat & Rifle Bag, H & K screen saver,  Tasco torch

Bankstown Gun Shop, NSW

Alan Reilly 2197008


pelican can opener

Austalasian Knife collectors, WA

Bob Bernard 2104626


pelican can opener

Austalasian Knife collectors, WA

Richard Ruppas 2230953


pelican can opener

Austalasian Knife collectors, WA

Rob Durrington 2120448


pelican can opener

Austalasian Knife collectors, WA

Josh Coghran 2120402


pelican can opener

Austalasian Knife collectors, WA

Al Baynes 2197068


pelican can opener

Austalasian Knife collectors, WA

Scott Jones 2128401


Game Council NSW hat & tasco torch

The Game council of NSW

Matt Lewis 2130147


Game Council NSW hat & tasco torch

The Game council of NSW

Simon Ross 2197832


Game Council NSW beanie & tasco torch

The Game council of NSW

Adam Towler 2197803


Game Council NSW beanie & tasco torch

The Game council of NSW

Scott Jones 2128402


BGS Hat, Herron folding multi tool & tasco torch

Horsley Park Gun Shop, NSW

Tom Rowe 2103810

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Held and sponsored by:
AIHPA, SSAA & SSAA Sydney Centrefire Rifle Group

As shooters, lets show our support.
All funds raised go to the Multiple Sclerosis Society

To be drawn at the conclusion of the Sydney Cup 6th July 2008


Great Prizes on offer include:-

bulletA Beretta shirt autographed by Russell Mark Australian Olympian Gold & Silver medal Shooter (holder of Aust. Record for most clays hit consecutively without a miss (1,177) on his way to Beijing.
bulletA pair of Leupold Bino’s RRP $400.00
bulletA Winchester 15-45 x 60 spotting scope $300.00
bulletOlivon 3-12 x 50 rifle scope worth RRP $220.00
bulletTikka T-shirt & cap & Ear Muffs
bulletA 12 month subscription to Australasian Sporting shooter Magazine
bullet5 Rifle bags & caps
bulletHeckler & Koch caps  & T-shirts
bulletThe fantastic Tactical Elastic Band urban weapon of mass destruction
bulletTasco torches
bulletGame Council of NSW caps & hats.
bullet2 Herron folding Multi-tools
bulletCastle aluminium Double Rifle case RRP $110.00
bulletPelican Can openers RRP $39.00 each
A Miroku shooting vest by Ridgeline RRP $180.00
bulletBarska binocular with inbuilt digital camera RRP $200.00, Kindly donated by Sheldon & Hammond
bulletKizlyar knives ( Russia) Australian distibutor Knife valued at $200

Please contact Richard Ruppas at msfundraiser @ if YOU have anything to contribute and/or to pledge your support.

All donations received over $2.00 are tax deductible (raffle ticket purchases are not) Remember to supply your full names and details.

We would like offer our deepest thanks to our sponsors thus far:-
Nioa Trading, Winchester Australia, Safari Firearms, , Berretta Australia and Russell Mark,  Bankstown Gun Shop, Yaffa Publishing, The Gunsmiths, Tasco, H & K Systems, The Game Council of NSW & Horsley Park Gun Shop, Sheldon & Hammond

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