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- Tikka T3 magazine options
- Crushed Corn Cob - polishing tumbler media
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- Krieger Match Rifle Barrels

also suits the LITHGOW LA102 CROSSOVER RIFLE (contact us for details)
Used to single round load the Tikka T3 and T3X rifle, instead of struggling to single feed a rifle with a magazine in place.
Saves the magazine, time, your fingers and your patience...  Make a single shot out of your magazine feed Tikka T3 and T3X rifle.  Yep, sometimes single shot is best...

This single block loads single rounds out of a std T3 rifle in most any calibre from 223 to all WSM cartridges.  Also fits the Lithgow LA102 Crossover rifle.

The NEW Waters Rifleman SRLB, multi calibre/cartridge.  Est cost A$35ea
Due end of August 2017.




So many Tikka T3 and T3X rifle owners in Australia, and around the world, want a metal magazine for their rifle, but metal, or steel, magazines for the Tikka T3 and T3X either don't exist, don't work, still lock shooters down to low/short overall round load lengths, don't hold 10 rounds (or referred to as 10 shots), want to shoot 6 shot matches, waste a lot of your hard-earned money, or a LOT of modification is required to the rifle to retro-fit the alternative.  Finally, shooters of Tikka T3 and T3X rifles can keep their rifle as factory standard for flexibility and simplicity, and reliably enjoy a metal magazine that is long overdue - a metal magazine with 5/6 or 10 shot capacity, some with extended load length (extra length inside the magazine to hold longer loaded ammo).

     - Models specifically designed for the Tikka T3 and T3X family of rifles.
     - Made of light weight 6061-T6 aluminium.
     - Coating is HARD anodised (not decorative anodise) black finish (may be some variation in colour from batch to batch).
     - 10 round capacity of the given SAAMI specified dimensions of cartridges for the named cartridge suitable to the magazine (ie. the magazine will hold less or larger cases).
     - Can be disassembled for easy cleaning and maintenance.
     - Reliable coil Stainless Steel spring.
     - Follower has 15mm deep side walls to reduce tipping and jamming (stow pipe).
     - Extended length internal to allow longer rounds with longer bullets or bullets seated out further (eg. 80 grain projectiles in a .223 case).
     - Reliable loading and feeding.
     - No more plastic magazine issues - such as plastic premature wearing, rounds "sticking up", "stove piping", mis-feeding, over-riding, etc.
     - A very cost effective solution for a 10 round quality magazine.
     - A small amount of dry lube on the mag internals considerably reduces friction with the spring and follower - PTFE sprays and Silicon sprays (non-greasy) have
       all be used successfully.  Graphite powder might be best, but consider the environment it's being used in.  We don't pre-lube internals due to some shooter
       preferences.  We do recommend something be used to ensure longevity and the best possible operation of the magazine.

HOW GOOD ARE THEY?  We will NOT bag other products on the market.  We'd rather let uses of these magazines do the talking for us...and their comments thus far have been tremendously positive.  We made these magazines for the fastidious shooter that wants the BEST match grade magazine available, the Waters Rifleman mags.  Likewise, shooters of the WR mags are expected to have a fundamental understanding of how magazines work - understanding tolerances, movement due to temperature, round stacking and geometry, etc.

NOTE FOR: LITHGOW LA102 CROSSOVER RIFLES:  The Gen 5 WR 308 magazines plus the SRLB also suit the Lithgow LA102 centrefire Crossover rifles -- all 3 stock types (has been tested in the Synthetic stock, the Timber stock and Laminate stocks).  Given the differences in tolerance between these 3 Lithgow stocks, and that the very tight tolerances of the WR mags to the T3 rifle, the WR mags fits all but the degree of effort to insert will change from LA102 stock to stock.

The Gen 5 223 WR magazine will fit in the Lithgow LA102 Crossover however the bolt cycle of the 223 LA102 is under 2.5" so a modification of the LA102 bolt cycle length is needed.  WR has some ideas on this modification, so email for thoughts...

Note.  Only the Gen 5 will fit the LA102 - no previous Gen WR magazines will fit the LA102 series of rifles.

The Gen 5 Waters Rifleman, Signature Series, coming soon:

Gen 5, 223 Magazines - 10 shot and 6 shot.   Increased Overall Load Length (OAL) from factory 59mm  to approx 66mm (2.6").  Mass approx 160 grams.  This magazine was designed for use with the 223 Remington cartridge, and will suit any variants of the 223 family.  This mag has been used with 222 Remington Magnum, 6x47 (222RM case).  The 204 Ruger and 17 Remington may work while magazine not loaded to capacity AFTER some minor alterations to the follower (at owners discretion).  If in doubt of being suitable to your needs, email and ask FIRST...

           Gen 5, 5 shot 223 version.  A$160ea.  AVAILABLE August 2017. Email to join notification list.
           Gen 5, 6 shot 223 w/hybrid follower to load 204 Ruger.  A$160ea.  AVAILABLE August 2017.
           Gen 5, 10 shot 223.  A$175ea.  AVAILABLE August 2017.

Above: Showing the Gen 5 Left 10 shot Gen 5 223.       Middle 6 shot 223.                      Right a factory Tikka T3 polymer 6 round 223.

Above: Showing the Gen 5 metal aftermarket 10 shot 223 WR magazine by David Waters. Showing the 80gr 2.45" length round comfortably loaded.


Gen 5, 308 Magazines - 10 shot and 6 shot.
Overall Load Length (OAL) max to approx 74.3mm (2.924"). Mass approx 10 shot 195 grams, 6 shot 125 grams.

This magazine has been designed for use with 308 cases, and all family of chambers - such as 260 Rem (Remington), 7/08 (7-08), 6/08 (6-08), 6XC, 6x47 Lapua, 243 Win.  Note: Long tapered cartridges will not work in this magazine - consider the 6.5x55 magazine for tapered cartridges.

  308 magazine:      10 shot A$185ea.
6 shot A$175ea.
AVAILABLE August 2017. Email to join notification list.

Showing 308 rounds with 190gr bullets loaded to approx 2.9"

Gen 5, x55"Long Taper" Magazines - 10 shot and 6 shot.
Overall Load Length (OAL) max to approx 81.5mm (3.2"). Mass approx 10 shot 205 grams, 6 shot 130 grams.  Suitable for 6mm Rem, 6.5x55, 6.5x57, 7x57, 8x57, 9x57, 9.3x57 and similar shaped long tapered cartridges.
Has successfully fed 22-250 cartridges under controlled test conditions, however modification is required by way of a spacer should be inserted in the rear to bring the round 12+mm forward.  Not difficult for a handy person.  This may also work for other tapered cartridges.  If it doubt, send an email...

  x55/Long Taper:    10 shot A$195ea.
6 shot A$185ea.
AVAILABLE August 2017. Email to join notification list.

Showing 6.5x55 rounds with 140gr bullets loaded to approx 3.1 (max 3.2)"

Gen 5, 30-06 Magazines - 10 shot and 6.
Overall Load Length (OAL) max to approx 86mm (3.38"). Mass approx 10 shot 195 grams, 6 shot 110 grams.

Suitable for 30-06 Springfield and family of cartridges, such as 25-06, 6.5-06, 270 Win, 280 Rem, 338-06, 35 Whelen.  Also specifically designed, thanks to a tapered rib, 9.3x62 (9,3x62) 284 Win, 6.5-284, 6-284, 30-284 (all 284 body variants), 270 WSM, 7 WSM, 300 WSM and the WSM family, 7 SAUM, 300 SAUM and family.  From this list, the mags should work with all similar or related shaped cases and variants.

  30-06 magazine:      10 shot  A$199ea.
6 shot A$190ea.
AVAILABLE August 2017. Email to join notification list.

Showing 30-06 rounds with 190gr bullets loaded to approx 3.3" (max 3.38").

Showing 30-06 6 round mag (the largest) next to a factory 5 round mag - approx same size.

Showing 30-06 mags loaded with 300 WSM rounds with 190gr bullets loaded to approx 3.05" (max 3.38").

Showing 30-06 mags loaded with 284 Win rounds with 183grn projectiles to approx 3.07".

Belted magnum cartridges cycling is dependent on good stacking, sharpness of the belt rim edge, etc.  In the 30-06 magazine, the 7mm Rem Mag have been tested extensively and worked well when overall length is close to max internal mag length.  300 Win Mag rounds seat and feed OK, but the max internal length of mag might not be attractive to some 300WM owners making this magazine, perhaps, not the perfect solution.  Bottom line, is belted magnum cases will fit but due to the belt itself it will be a case of user/buyer beware and purchase at own discretion.

Belted: Showing 30-06 mags with 7mm Remington Magnum (belted) rounds with 190gr SMK bullets loaded to approx 3.37" (max 3.38").  As of mid March 2017 and worked surprisingly well, however, being a belted case performance is not a guarantee.

Belted: Showing 30-06 mags loaded with 300 Winchester Magnum (belted) rounds with 190gr bullets. These bullets are loaded in to approx 3.375" (max 3.38").  The limiting factory is the max size of the mag well in a standard T3...  These rounds were tested with some 300 cycles mid March 2017 and several units in BETA testing, have worked surprisingly well, however, being a belted case performance is not a guarantee.



Magazine 223 223 308 308 x55 Long Taper x55 Long Taper 30 06 30 06
Capacity (rated) 6 10 6 10 6 10 6 10
Material Alum Alum Alum Alum Alum Alum Alum Alum
Finish Black Anodised Black Anodised Black Anodised Black Anodised Black Anodised Black Anodised Black Anodised Black Anodised
Fasteners S/S 304 S/S 304 S/S 304 S/S 304 S/S 304 S/S 304 S/S 304 S/S 304
Follower Acetyl Acetyl Acetyl Acetyl Acetyl Acetyl Acetyl Acetyl
Depth (max) mm 69 96 86 136 86 135 88 133
Weight grms(approx) 110 160 125 195 130 205 115 195
OAL rounds max 66 66 74.3 74.3 81.5 81.5 86 86
Cartridges (Cap) 223 (6) 223 (10) 308 (6) 308 (10) 6.5x55 (6) 6.5x55 (10) 30-06 (6) 30-06 (10)
223 family (6) 223 family (10) 308 family (6) 308 family (10) 6.5x57 (6) 6.5x57 (10) 30-06 family (6) 30-06 family (10)
222 Mag (6) 222 Mag (10) 243 Win (6) 243 Win (10) 7x57 (6) 7x57 (10) 25-06 (6) 25-06 (10)
222 Mag family (6) 222 Mag family (10) 6-08 (6) 6-08 (10) 8x57 (6) 8x57 (10) 6.5-06 (6) 6.5-06 (10)
** 204 (5)   6XC (6) 6XC (10) 9x75 (6) 9x75 (10) 270 Win (6) 270 Win (10)
** 222 (5)   6x47 Lap (6) 6x47 Lap (10) 9.3x57 (6) 9.3x57 (10) 280 Rem (6) 280 Rem (10)
    6.5x47 Lap (6) 6.5x47 Lap (10)     338-06 (6) 338-06 (10)
    6.5-08 (6) 6.5-08 (10)     35 Whelen (6) 35 Whelen (10)
    260 (6) 260 (10)     9.3x62 (6) ***9.3x62 (8)
    708 (6) 708 (10)     7x64 (6) ***7x64 (8)
            8x64 (6) ***8x64 (8)
            6-284 (5) 6-284 (9)
            6.5-284 (5) 6.5-284 (9)
            284 Win (5) 284 Win (9)
            30-284 (5) 30-284 (9)
            270 WSM (5) 270 WSM (8)
            7 WSM (5) 7 WSM (8)
            300 WSM (5) 300 WSM (8)
            WSM Family (5) WSM Family (8)
            7 SAUM (5) 7 SAUM (8)
            300 SAUM (5) 300 SAUM (8)
            *7mm Rem Mag (5) *7mm Rem Mag (8)
            *300 Win Mag (5) *300 Win Mag (8)
            *338 Win Mag (5) *338 Win Mag (8)
Notes ** Stack angle changes after 5 rounds. Not recommended for 204. Follower modification needed, at own risk. Not for tapered cases. Not for tapered cases. Tapered cases with improved bodies shapes many not fit. Tapered cases with improved bodies shapes many not fit. * Belted cases are NOT conducive to feeding guaranteed. * Belted cases are NOT conducive to feeding guaranteed.
                *** Restricted due to stack angle.



Guarantee of product:
     - Waters Rifleman magazines include a five year warranty from defects in materials or workmanship from time of purchase (with proof of purchase).
     - We will repair or replace any magazine/part that is supplied with sub-standard craftsmanship, unless notified as a "Second" in advance (discounted).
     - No refunds or warranty is given for external damage, abuse or misuse.
     - Be sure to check the magazine on arrival before using it and advise immediately any issues.

Although we hope these T3-sentric magazines will work in every factory standard Tikka T3 and T3X rifle, we are not the manufacturers, or the owner, of the rifle
in question.  We cannot guarantee this product will suit your specific or particular rifle without some minor tweaks in case the rifle may have defects, after
market changes, etc.  However, this magazine has been tried and proven in many customer Tikka T3 rifles without failure, and many positive reviews have
been received from Aus, NZ, USA, UK,  CAN, CZ, FIN, SA, AST, FRA, etc.

For Care and Maintenance instructions, click here...

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