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2010 GP CALENDAR (.pdf download)

2010 GRAND PRIX CHAMPIONS (read more...)
International MC
- S1  Nathan Fennessy
- S1a Barney Hryckiewicz
- S2   David Waters
- S3   Matt Avard
- S5  Graham Smith
- S5a  Norm Baynes
Tactical MC
- Winner,  Matt Avard
- Runner Up, David Waters
- 3rd Place, Peter Barnier




FINAL:  The 2010 Grand Prix for the International and Tactical Match Courses has come to a close.  It has been another busy here.  The weather certainly played its part to make 2010 a challenging year, with so many events washed out, or rain affected.  And, if the rain didn't dampen enthusiasm, we had some of the windiest days to shoot through many of our shooters can remember.


Much like 2009, the 2010 attendances were down on average.  We did, however, have a small increase in Queensland, which is many thanks to those shooting enthusiasts, the QMRC and the ASRA.


This year, we introduced 80 shot matches to the larger events.  These matches were well received by the majority of our core shooters.  Also, 80 shot matches offered MORE opportunity for shooters to attained scores towards our qualification and classification systems.  Current standings of the many shooters to be working through the qualification program show this was a very good initiative.


2011 is sure to be a good year, with some changes to the calendar, and shuffling of events to other times of year (eg. ACT from May to March, for the warmer weather).


We hope everybody will help make the 2011 Grand Prix a great success, and support as many meets as possible.


Many thanks to all those who helped, volunteered and hosted.  A great thanks to all who supported.




For the first time, the 2009 Grand Tour Series was expanded to have a series for all the main AIHPA courses of fire - those being, the IMC, TMC, VMC and AMC.  Although this proved to be successful from a contest point of view, we feel that it has not been very successful in attracting NEW shooters to the events, and has taken some attention away from our main even - the IMC.  The AIHPA committee have agreed that the 2010 championship will be again based only on the IMC course – best 3 rounds.

Also, new for 2010, is a name change for the championship- from the Grand Tour Series, to the Grand Prix Series.  By strict definition, the Grand Tour requires all rounds to be contested, where a GP is a championship based on criteria of participation to decide a champion – meaning, the format we have selected for all previous GT’s and future GP’s is correct and best for a GP by definition.


2010 will be a year of “back to basics” and should be much simpler and easier for all to attend, follow and plan.  Please help prove us correct, and support your sport by supporting our meets.


The Tour

The annual Grand Prix (GP) Series is a system to determine a champion over a series of sanctioned events.  The GP series also helps compile rankings of shooters over the year of competition.  This ranking system is then used, when required, to select appropriate teams for representation at any level.


Rifle Categories

The GT is run for the following rifle specifications as follows:


            - SPEC 1         Service Std/As-Issued with Iron Sights (Vintage Service)

            - SPEC 2         Service modified/Sporter/Hunter Rifle with Iron Sights

            - SPEC 3         Match Rifle with Iron Sights

            - SPEC 5         Per Spec 1, 2 or 3 but with Optical Sights


Shooters may compete and contest in all rifle specifications throughout all GP series.


Note:  All those that competed in Sub-Spec 1a and 5a, roll up into parent specs 1 & 5 respectively.


Note: If an event has multiple IMC matches as part of the same championship, then a shooter may contest each match with the same rifle spec.  If the same spec rifle is used in both IMC matches, then:

        - the first score for the shooter will count for the event in the relevant rifle spec per the rifle used,

        - subsequent scores will count for the event but in next higher spec,

        - both scores will count for the GP per the rifle used.



All scores used for GP and Rankings come from AIHPA sanctioned matches as per the official event calendar.


If a shooter competes in more than the prescribed number of GP meets, then only the best results are used, and all remaining results are dropped.  The more results a shooter has to choose from, the more chances that shooter will have of doing well.


Courses of Fire

There are 2 Grand Prix Championships, one for each course of fire:


- International Match Course (IMC) - AIHPA's main (core) course of fire, the IMC, 58 rounds, for all rifle specs.  The best 3 results over the year, by spec, will be used to compile the aggregate GP and Ranking results.


- TMC (Tactical Match Course) - at either 300, 400 or 600, or other (open Spec), using target designated for that distance.  The best 3 results over the year, with any rifle spec, will be used to compile the aggregate GP and Ranking results.


Progressive and Final Results

All results for the GP will be posted on the AIHPA website.  Shooters should check the progressive listing for their progress as each event passes.  It is the responsibility of the shooter to lodge any protests in writing to AIHPA for review and action.


Provisional Final results will be posted on the website after the final GP round.  14 days after the final round, the posted results will be declared final and no further disputes will be accepted.


Progress and Final results are posted on the results pages.


Annual Rankings

Annual rankings are captured at the end of each shooting calendar year.  These results are equal to the results from the “Grand Prix” but ranked in order of aggregate results from highest to lowest.  Rankings are “Open” (unclassified).


Teams Selection

The “Team” for the given year will be based on the required quantity of top ranked shooters at the end of that year. This system will be used for determining a team to represent the discipline when required.


Further Info

For more information, please contact AIHPA Rifle National Coordinator e-mail rifle @ aihpa .com or log onto the discipline web site http://www.aihpa.com



The AIHPA reserve the right to change the event or schedule without notice.























2010 GP Progress - International
2010 GP Progress - Tactical MC

Tamworth local IMC.
Brisbane Open IMC, Belmont.
 Sydney Open TMC AMC. (chmp)
Newcastle Open, Aberdeen. (chmp)
Sydney Local IMC 80shot.  (Local)
NSW State Titles, Gilgandra. (chmp)
 Sydney Open IMC 80shot. (chmp)
National Matches, Tamworth. (chmp)
Australian Masters, Tamworth. (chmp)
ACT Territorials, Canberra. (chmp)
Sydney Classic, Malabar.

Brisbane Local.  (Local)
Aus Shooting Games, Belmont.
Hunter Valley Open, Aberdeen. (chmp)
Camp Perry USA, Nationals. (chmp)
Tamworth local IMC.  (Local)
Brisbane Local IMC.  (Local)

QLD State Titles, Belmont. (chmp)
Sydney Local IMC.  (Local)
 Tamworth Prize Shoot.
Lower North Coast Open. Taree. (chmp)
 Sydney Clash Match, Malabar. (chmp)
Cooee Cup, Gilgandra. (chmp)
Sydney Kokoda Local IMC.